[Master] - Are talent / ability odds fake? -- Excessive Dodge/ Revive/ Resist/ "Flesh Wound" etc

The thing is, we notice the successful dodges and don’t notice the unsuccessful ones. I suspect that if you really took the effort to count (way more work than I’d do for a game), you’d come up with reasonable facsimiles of the advertized percentages. (Which is not to say that it isn’t annoying when Marjana dodges three snipers in a row, or Boldtusk revives six times. Of course, my Kingston and Bertila tend to revive a lot on offense, so it evens out.)

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I would totally notice the unsuccessful dodges from Costume Kadilen because it is a rare day indeed when that happens. I like yourself won’t ever track it because who really cares but from my experience her dodge works way more than the 45% as advertised.

Not this time, since I noticed the 2 wars where enemy always dodged, I counted the other 2 games where I fought against costume kadilen. There wasn’t a single time when enemy had dodge buff and they didn’t dodge. Overall in 4 games I am talking about 20-25 specials that were all dodged here.

I played a 5th match now (intentionally trying to fire off enemy’s kadilen and then my own specials is hard apparently), this time 2 of the attacks enemy didn’t dodge but the rate ended up being more like 85% dodge rate in the match. One observation was that enemy hero started not dodging only when a single hero had dodge buff.

We knew there were bugs earlier in the game where specials could be miscalculated when multiple enemies are involved. It is possible there is another bug that causes dodge rates to be not calculated per hero, or it is possible that I am really unlucky.

Silly question perhaps, but i am curious, is there a limit to consecutive revives? I met a phileas fogg that revived 8 times, it felt like fighting an immortal.

There is no limit, this guy just kept winning the lottery on you lol

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