[Master] - Are talent / ability odds fake? -- Excessive Dodge/ Revive/ Resist/ "Flesh Wound" etc

Sorry for the disturb :blush:

I just saw a couple of resurrections. As i think i saw they immediately fired after resurrection.

Is this as is? Did more people observe this? If so would be nice to have Magni fire twice :smiley:

Only if they have full mana when they die. The resurrection has no effect on mana.


So way more common if you tend to tile kill a hero than if you tend to special kill a hero. Depending on play style, class revive can be meh or really annoying. For me so far it is “meh they revived with 1 HP - here is a tile now die”.

Now the problem is, if they are a healer, and revive with full mana, and not tiles near… I lost bc of that.

On a side note: If you hit a hero with proteus, and they revive, the DOT still stays and they go night night forever.

Sure that can happen…or when Alby revives with his heal, but with a class revive I don’t think it will happen too often. Tile killing a healer isn’t the way I would take one down, unless it is the final hit. And then if they have revive and are close to full mana, maybe you should think twice about a tile kill unless you have a charged hero.

I thought the revive was happening at the end of the turn, and thus even if the special was charged, it would only happen the next turn. Can someone please confirm that?

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I think the revive happens at the end of your own turn, I’ve had enemies revive and then immediatly blast me with their special. What bothers me is when they revive again and again for 7 turns straight. Are they not supposed to revive just once, like in most games?

Just got out of a raid where panther revived 3 times…it was a bit annoying. And kind of thinking the % is off a tad. Seems these heros have a higher success rate at resurrecting themselves than alby does at resurrecting others, and i dont think that’s supposed to be the case.

Of course this is also just a subjective observation so far since i haven’t collected any data on it and even if i did, it’s hard to debate random

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Have to agree with you, my observations since talents have been added is that despite the very small appearance of the 6% chance to revive, I’ve found that if the talent is active on an enemy hero it almost certainly revives the first time it dies every raid, and on occasion twice during the raid.

If a fighter dies with full mana and revives, they WILL cast their special immediately. I had this happen recently with a Delilah tank which was painful.


How did they revive? My belief is that a revive from Alby is handled differently from a class revive. My experience has been Ably revives will fire if Alby is to the left of them (and they are full mana when they revive), but a class revive will happen at the end of the turn, so you have one shot at killing them again.

Or, if you killed them with a DOT, it will take care of itself :wink:

And as some one who uses a class emblem 1 Delilah as my tank when raiding… she does not revive to the extent you are claiming.
I only wish she did…

My observation were based on def team revives. So you would not see if del was coming back or not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, unless your my peeping Tom, in which case please clean that window while your out there!

My observation is you kill a fighter, the fighter revives in ghost form. When you finish your turn, or if it was finished and the fighter was killed by tiles, it is then the defenders turn but the fighter is in “ghost” mode and can’t do anything. Then it is your turn and the fighter is still in “ghost” mode. On defenders next turn the fighter comes out of “ghost” mode and gets a turn either slash of special. Now after that any DOT will kill the fighter or you can on your turn. So a revived fighter will always get to go at least once.

Edit: The slash attack is probably only if time for one.

How come is fighter ALWAYS revived if he had full mana? Explain this, when he has only 30% chance to be revived, but he is ALWAYS revived if he dies at full mana. This is not game cheating? I observe this in every raid when I kill full mana fighter. EVERY TIME he is revived no exception.

You keep saying this, but it’s not true. I’ve killed full mana fighters and not had them revive. And, yes, they’re +20.


I understand that rng can be a ■■■■■ sometimes, but when events like units dodging 3 or 4 times in a row consistently at 20% chance or withstanding ailments 3 or 4 times in a row at 30% happens repeatedly and consistently, you really start to question whether the programmers actually got their math right. My guess is that the odds are flipped and its actually a 70% chance to withstand negative effects. That would be more in line with what im seeing in my raids.


I played 4 matches now between raids and war against teams with costume Kadilen in the past 2 days. And in all 4 games, when enemy heroes have dodge buff from Kadilens special they dodged every special without exception giving them a 100% dodge rate. Between all 4 matches, there was probably 20-25 special attacks involved to enemies with dodge buff.

If it was a single game that this happened, sure it could be just bad luck but now it more sounds like a bug.

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