[Master] - Are talent / ability odds fake? -- Excessive Dodge/ Revive/ Resist/ "Flesh Wound" etc

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This is the family bonus we’re talking about right? Note the bolded.

Families give bonuses for each unique Hero of the same family in battle.

Bonus for 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 Heroes:

** 25% / 30% / 35% / 40% / 45% chance to spawn an Underwild Gem on board when this hero casts Special Skill*

I have 4 leveled but red ones are disabled. I just figure out that every color has different percentage. strange.

Every color has different percentage for spawn.

No, every mana speed. Nothing to do with color

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Fair enough, the point is that it will only spawn if you fire a special, it isn’t something that pops up every turn. So how many times did you use their specials?

Edit: I see you edited your post after. 2 or 3 times isn’t that unusual not to occur with only 42%. I’ve had Mother North fail to revive 3 times in a row at 50%.

Costumed Kadilen’s dodge rate is the worst, virtually 95%-100%. I faced her often enough in diamond to arrive at such a conclusion. It’s not rare for Magni and Marjana to revive 3-5 consecutive times as well.

As I said 2-3 times. Hopefully it will be better in very fast mana tournament.

Just fought a dude that, either he’s the luckiest ever or some kind of hacker.
His Boldtusk revived 7 times in a row. SEVEN!
This talent should really get a limit to it’s uses, like “can only revive a max amount of times equal to the rank of the hero”, because it is really frustrating how 2 attacks in a row end in zero points because not only the tank resurrects every time, it also comes back with heal ready (not to mention this annoying problem with enemy heroes casting special skills even when there is no longer anyone alive on my team. This should been addressed way sooner; tired of seeing healers and ressers undoing all my effort AFTER the fight ended)

Please read and share your thoughts here:

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Did it occur to you that is why he is still insanely popular? I’ll ghost tiles through him for a couple of turns while he is dead but usually like to have a sniper or splash attack ready to hit him the moment he revives as that is your turn and if he heals you have to kill him properly again.

I just had a war match against someone with a Boldtusk that revived 10 times in a row. I had him burned, he revived three times then another healer healed him. This is ridiculous already. I get that my team was an underdog but this is a cheap way to force them to win. This in addition to tile denial.

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Yep, I have been on both the giving and receiving end of the mysterious “immortal Boldtusk” conundrum.

Me when attacking BT: "DAMMIT, THIS GUY NEVER DIES!!!" :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Me when attacking with BT: "Sweeeeet, he came back to life again!!!" :grin:


We all been there lol chin up tho good luck next time


Is it me? Or is the underwild tile algorithm overly friendly?

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Care to elaborate on what overly friendly means?
I get the approximate 20% I’m supposed to get.

Does that include that Rokkamush (sp?) thing? Because, he is ■■■■ poor and that 50% chance to miss means that 1 in 3 times he misses all targets

Time and time again, I have been screwed over by certain enemy specials having their effects proc WAY more often than they should, whether it be someones withstand ability going off 6 times in a row at 30% chance, or someone reviving 4 times in a row at 30% chance, or costume kadilen allowing her allies to dodge all 5 of my special attacks IN A ROW even though the chance of that happening is only 45% chance each attack. I am 100% positive that there is a difference between what the percentage on the card says vs what actually happens in game. I have even tested this and a vast majority of my tests have shown that the enemies percentage specials/abilities proc more often. SG needs to fix this problem ASAP because its ruining the game.

Welcome to the world of RNG. We can’t also explain why some lucky ones get the best hero in some portal using only a single free pull even if the odds of doing so is at less than 1.6%. There are even single pulls getting 2 HOTMs, a HOTM from a HOTM. I don’t know if it still happens lately, but it surely did way back in 2018.

EDIT: You may want to read this:

As to skills granting your heroes to dodge specials, we’ve seen the first hand from Inari, who was highly regarded back then. It is fun to see enemy specials wasted. Regrettably, she is greatly overshadowed by costumed Kadilen.

Dude thats nothing. Imagine missing every special on Frigg which has only 20% chance of dodging special. Thats just insane! No other rouge is as hard to hit with special as Frigg is.
Another good one. Imagine Killhare surviving with 1 HP 6-7 times in a row, meanwhile charging her special, and then winning the battle. My Kingston or Magni almost never survive, but Killhare is just immortal. I don’t believe that their “talents” have same chances. This happened to me too many times.

I literally just did a raid where Black Knight had his special up and he got the “Just a flesh wound” 1 damage proc 10 times in a row. That’s essentially getting tails 10 times in a row. Are you kidding me?

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