[Master] - Are talent / ability odds fake? -- Excessive Dodge/ Revive/ Resist/ "Flesh Wound" etc

Black knight 50% chance to receive damage 1? From 7 attacks ALL was 1 damage. Try to flip a coin if it drops 7x on same face in row. Try it and let me know because I tried many times and it didn’t happens. So your odd are way of matematical reality and are PURE BS. And it hapoens to me akways when I fighting black knight.

It will happen ~1% of the time

I realise that the ninja family bonus allows dodging, however 2 ninjas gives a 10% chance to dodge, but in a recent raid they dodged 3 attacks in a row. That’s not a 10% chance to dodge.

Well, if they dodge 3 times in a row and the next 27 times they will not, it is 10%.


Theoretically, there’s nothing stoping them from dodging 100 times in a row as long as they have even a 1% chance. Shown percentages mean nothing. The only thing that matters is what they do in a specific battle. If they dodge 5 out of 10 attacks in a battle, for that battle their sucessful dodging was 50%, nobody cares if the card says they have a 10% chance.

The RNG gotta RNG.

I’ve watched heroes revive 8 times in a row. 3 dodges is nothing.

I agree it should either not exist or be closer to 5% or just get rid of dodging tile damage. Dodging 10% of tile damage and specials is simply OP. No other defense team than 3 ninjas is even close. Someone with time and interest will probably address this based on math or already has done so in ninja topic. Sorry for a bit off topic post.

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That’s RNG working in it’s mysterious ways, man. Can’t do anything about it unless there are more of us who will w.h.i.n.e. a lot about these overpowered heroes that SG “may” be buckle to put a n.e.r.f. on them the same way a lot of players did to Telly and Vela. Problem is, those ninjas are not as prevalent and as easy to get than those n.e.r.f.e.d. HOTMs, so ninja owners are safe with their pixels. Best thing we can do is to come up with possible counters like leveling more heroes and troops, maxing and/or embleming them more perhaps.

My plan against Garnet tanks (or even BK) accompanied by Cobalt and Onyx at the wings is for me to get my 2nd blue mana troop to level 17 (currently at level 12) to support my Athena+10, whose talent will be reorganized for me to opt the +2% mana bonus at node 8. Right now, my 25 hoarded 3* blue feeder troops and 4 hoarded 4* troops ain’t enough to get my second ice mana troop to level 17. I need my HA6 to produce more blue feeder troops. Maybe this coming Atlantis Rising will gift more blue feeder troops for me to reach that tactical goal.

My strategic goal is for my main mono blue team composed of Frida+7, Athena+8, Vela+12, Master Lepus+7 and Ariel+7 to be supported by levels 25 ice mana troop, 17 ice mana troop, 8 ice mana troop, 15 ice crit troop and 5 ice mana troop, respectively. That way, Frida, Athena, Vela, and Lepus will charge their manas in 9 tiles. Unfortunately, my level 25 ice mana troop is with Ariel, who fires almost at the same time with Vela and Lepus. Yeah, the current synergy ain’t looking good. That’s why I need that mana troop to level 17 and reemblem Athena for all those 4 heroes to fire at almost the same time.

Well, good luck to me. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Today every raid i seem to fight either there seems to a infinity amount of dodges/revives and if fighting someone with a resurrection they seemingly revive there whole team.

I’ve gone from global ranking top 100 to just staying in diamond tier

Bad day hopefully

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:poop::poop::poop: happens all the time. You may just be hitting the worst of your luck spectrum.

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I guess I’m not the most unlucky one in this world … it’s you lol

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Sorry :slightly_frowning_face::wink:

I am not at your level, but mine has been rubbish too. Took 24 battles just to fill my raid chest today. Also got some of my worst titan scores with my best team and my war flags weren’t much better. At one point it was so bad I half expected my farming team to get wiped out too.

Does anyone have the same problem as me and how do you solve it? I don’t know the talents of my Heroes. I don’t think it’s a coincidence, but I’m trying to find out if anyone has the same problem. well thank you

Click on the hero then click on the item of them on the left.

I know where the talents are looked at, but heroes don’t use their talents in the game, so I asked if anyone has such a problem. I will do a match 3 times in a row and the heroes will do nothing but basic shots and they have 20 talents.

I do not have this problem but the talents are situational and not all directly relate to tile damage.

For example Paladin and Druid will only act when you are hit, not when you make a tile match.
Fighter can only happen if you die.
Without tracking and calculated I’m not sure you can tell if Ranger skill applies.
Edit since this wasn’t clear enough. “Bypass” may pop up for Ranger. I don’t recall off of the top of my head. If so I’ll add it below but I don’t remember it.
I think Barbarian and Sorcerer are the only classes that would apply a clear indicator of a talent working on tile matches.

ranger talent also triggers on tile matches

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Interesting, so I don’t understand why I can’t.

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