[MASTER] An idea for Implementing New Costumes

Hi all, long time lurker but first time poster.

Just thought I’d share an idea I’ve had about how season 2, event and HOTM costumes could be implemented. It’s not fully formed, but would welcome any feedback / comments about whether it could be workable (or if it’s even been suggested elsewhere).

Like many on here, I was dismayed when SG announced the new costumes. From reading feedback, it seems that most of the concerns are around:

  • Implementing them only for selected strong heroes and not all heroes, creating a gap between the already strong legendary heroes with costumes and those without;
  • Forcing players to ‘resummon’ these heroes to get the latest, strongest version;
  • Increasing the gap between free/cheap-to-play and pay-to-win players.

The solution to this would be to make these new costumes craftable, but not summonable.

Crafting Costumes

A new building (tentatively called “Tailor’s Shop”) would use a new crafting item (tentatively called “Patches”) to craft costumes.

A costume can be crafted if:

  • The hero has a costume;
  • The player owns the base hero;
  • The player has researched the relevant level in the Tailor’s Shop;
  • The player has collected the necessary Patches to craft the costume.

Tailor’s Shop

This advanced building would permit players to research and craft costumes. Building levels could be as follows:

  1. Craft rare costumes (season 1, season 2 and event)
  2. Craft epic costumes (season 1, season 2 and event)
  3. Craft legendary season 1 costumes
  4. Craft legendary season 2 costumes
  5. Craft legendary hero of the month costumes
  6. Craft legendary seasonal event costumes
  7. Craft legendary challenge event costumes
  8. Craft Elemental Patches (produces a random Elemental Patch)
  9. Craft Class Patches (produces a random Class Patch)
  10. Craft Event Patches (produces a random Event Patch)


There would be three types of Patches that players need to craft costumes:

  1. Elemental Patches (Holy, Dark, Ice, Nature, Fire)
  2. Class Patches (e.g. Barbarian, Cleric, Druid etc.)
  3. Event Patches (e.g. Atlantis, Teltoc, Springvale etc.)

Elemental Patches would be reasonably common (maybe dropping as frequently as costume keys?) but Class Patches and Event Patches would be relatively rare (like unfarmable 3-star and 4-star ascension items respectively). They could also potentially be obtained in The Masquerade or in the relevant event.

Players would need to collect up to five Patches to craft a costume:

  • Rare costumes need three Elemental Patches
  • Epic costumes need three Elemental Patches and one Class Patch (class of the costume being crafted)
  • Legendary costumes need three Elemental Patches, one Class Patch (class of the costume being crafted) and one Event Patch (reflecting the summon portal for the hero).


  • Dawa’s costume needs three Holy Patches and level 1 of the Tailor Shop researched.

  • Caedmon’s costume needs three Nature Patches, one Fighter Patch and level 2 of the Tailor Shop researched.

  • Marjana’s costume needs three Fire Patches, one Wizard Patch, one Karemdol Patch and level 3 of the Tailor Shop researched.

  • Killhare’s costume needs three Dark Patches, one Druid Patch, one Springvale Patch and level 6 of the Tailor Shop researched.


I think this would benefit many players that have specific non-season 1 heroes, as they can choose to use their patches to upgrade those heroes without needing to summon them all over again.

It also retains the incentive for players to summon at event portals (since they need to own the base hero) without disadvantaging those that already have summoned the hero, as well as regulating the number of costumes based on Patch availability.

For pay-to-win players, it would open up some interesting gameplay choices, as a player with say both Master Lepus and Killhare but only one Springvale patch would need to decide between the costumes available.

Any comments or suggestions are welcomed. Thanks for reading!

Love this idea.


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I would Like top Produce or upgrade Costumes simular to the Hero Academy

As F2P its nearly Impossible to collect all S1 costumes (Not Talk about new seasons and Events) and the Chance in the Academy is to small
So ist would be a great enlargement

Is this convergent evolution or a duplicate post?

I do Not duplicate a Post

Dressmaker Sounds Like a Potential Building For a next Basis-Level
I would also enjoy an new Level in HA or an advanced TC to Produce one 5* in another WITH costume For Sure
Cause after 2 years of costume Chambers i Just 3 Costumes For 5* and the 5% Chance For a costum in HA is to small (i get 2 in one Year and this is the average amount)

In Same Time WE started 2 more seasons, and a Lot new Events…

A hole new Building with a Lot of costs seams the logical way For game-makers
At least cause Long Time Players would Like to Invest more in there City

There ought to be a later stage building where you can create costumes. Call it the Seamstress. Just like the training camp you can select certain categories (i.e. purple, red, blue; common, elite, etc) but otherwise its still random as to whose costume comes out. It is limited to only heroes you actually have but otherwise it could be anyone.

Love this idea, but without benefit to revenue it’s difficult to envision them doing something like this…. The cost would have to be ghastly to make it worthwhile for SG.

We can always hold hope :grin:

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This is actually a 10/10 idea! It increase revenue by assuring Players that they could summon for any and every hero and if the day ever came that they came out with a costume they wouldn’t have to

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That sounds like such a fun idea :100:

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I could see them doing it. There will be folks who buy the resources with gems. Perhaps introduce a resource you have to hunt for or produce in addition to the usually food/iron. Call it sacred thread or something. More basic for a 2 star costume and elite for a 5 with everything else in between.


I like the idea, but don’t think insuring we summon more won’t be enough for sg, think only way they’ll do it is if there is some gem cost, great idea though

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I do love this idea, and I’m all for it. One addition i would make is it would give you the option of that hero’s costume only, with a 10% chance of getting a hero and a costume of which you don’t have.

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A seamstress cannot create people, just clothes. In theory she could alter a costume though. So if you have two of one, she can convert it to another one in the same color.

you could also add a costume into the seamstress, and they’ll give you a different costume than the one that was put in. Example: Putting in Elena’s costume would mean the costume you get, could be any of the 5*, except Elena.

yes, or if you put in say 5 4 stars to get a 5 star

Folks could be yarning for this.

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Forgive the poor English, but I wonder if in the face of so many new heroes coming out, the game developers will not think about the sewing room building. You could sew costumes for materials and food. This ensures the development of old heroes and less frustration of players when their drawn hero a few months ago is unable to compete with today’s novelty.

This was suggested a while ago

It would be a great addition.

I also like this idea for earning costumes

Edit - @Dudeious.Maximus maybe merge sewing room/seamstress/dressmaker and make it master craft costumes thread?


At the Moment i get doupled costumes only by buying

Before Exchange would be interessting WE need an Option to Produce more costumes.

A new Building Like HA would be possible
As a Longtime Player I have a Lot of Iron, therefore it would be good to Produce cloth with Iron

One way they could do something like this and still allow increased revenue is to have somethimg like a new type of very rare material or currency that is needed in sufficient quantity (less for older abd nore for bewer heroes based on release date).

Farming them would take forever for FTP(like ~1.5 worth of mats max per year) but have the materials be sold at a very high premium(to allow a few more per year if you want to pay $$$$$).