[Master] 🛡 Alternate Defence / Raid Formations -- Feedback & Discussion Thread

They kinda do. Run TC20, no $$ cost to you and you get them in return for some resources you don’t have to pay $$ for.
I don’t really know what to suggest beyond running TC20, 5% odds for a 5* hero according to the data trackers.
You will eventually have a solid SI roster, the more TC20s you run the sooner that happens. The tradeoff is fewer feeders and slower leveling, but when not paying cash you pay with your time.

Feel free to contribute something positive of your own. A strategy guide for using a restricted bench of SI heroes for example. I am sure it would be appreciated by some players in your situation and you may find a kindred soul that shares ideas with you.

I was just trying to be helpful in giving suggestions, it was not a complete reference to every hero in the game. 4* didn’t get a mention either, that doesn’t mean they are not relevant, they work even against SIII heroes in formation (I know, I brought Proteus and he helped win a raid vs +20 5*, a mix of Ninjas, Atlantis and SIII).
The idea is to spur people to think of options, strategies, synergies, etc since that is one of the key, appealing aspects of the game.

Really don’t feel there is a need to get snippy with others trying to offer something up and be helpful. Sorry you don’t have all the shiny toys, I don’t either and I also get annihilated from time to time

Actually it’s rainbow that works best against new formations. The key is the synergy of specials and letting them amplify each other and not brute force tile damage.

This sums up my opinion better than I could!!!

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Hello everyone,

I used to play mono or 4-1 against standard raid formations, but recently have swiched to 3-2 due to new formations. I am curious to know if anyone has experienced something similar. Do you still play mono with the same success?


In all honesty I switched to mono in raids, war and Titan over 12 months ago.
Recently I would say it’s a 60/40 success rate.
As a result I have switched to either 3/2 or 2/2/1 in war and raids.
And with the recent change in raid formations I have even had some good results with a rainbow offence.

I am a mono player the new formations definitely work against that tactic so yes success rate has dropped since formations were released BUT I’ve seen a decrease in board quality at that same time frame also !
I’m not one of those ill quit the game people but raid and war was my favorite part so ill probably shift to f2p if they decide to keep this as 6 rainbows is all the the teams ill need and im pretty sure I have 6 good shot in the dark rainbows already

I still use mono against some Double and Reverse Double formations. Don’t feel much of a difference in win/loss but I don’t really keep track of that.

But that’s mainly because my mono teams have 2 healers, a cleanser, and a dispeller instead of just 5 strongest heroes of that color, so it’s not just tile damage I’m after.

I use mono green if there is a Blue tank I want to quickly eliminate like Krampus, or if there is Frigg

Mono purple is with Grimble against minion teams, or with Proteus against the Sif tank Double

My GM and Drake love the doubles, hit all 5 opponents not just 3. May try elena on defense too

What if we use a attacker on position 3 during defence for example use Reuben, I am almost sure his skills can not damage all when he is on defence but I want to ask does nearby attacker hero on position 3 damage all enemy too or it just work for buff?

Per the OP:

All explained up top.

So those heros who attack target and nearby enemies are just better on attack if enemy formation be double.
First it published I thought if I use Obakan on position 3 defence team he can damage whole attacker team.
I wish u add it somehow to game otherwise all nearby attacker are weak yet

Just wanna say that I hope this formation continues to be available. I’d been having difficulties with my lack of tanking heroes and lots of slow heroes that I have but these options for formations really help. You just have to find the best combination here and once you get that, things work better.

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I hate mono with a passion lol


I’m pretty much with you. My main play style is 3-2 for challenge events and tower and war, otherwise rainbow.

When my Alts were SUPER weak and starting out in war I used to gamble with them in war using mono since it was the only way when I had 1600 power teams. Thankfully they’re strong enough to play properly now.

The best side effect of this formations thing is shaking people out of the tired mono team punch a hole and ghost strategy.

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I guess lepiota from S4 is meant to solve this problem?

The only feedback I have is to call Double and Reverse Double by different names, specifically "W "and “M” ( or an inverted “W” if one can.

I switched to reverse double the moment it became available. Since then, there is a significant increase in my succesful defense percentage. I find this quite strange, given the fact that I don’t have much trouble against similar teams.

Proteus, especially with a L23 Mana Troop or Mana Node and L17 Troop, can very frequently lock down EVERYTHING in a Double or Reverse Double formation.

Honestly find these easier than Standard. Reverse has been hardest for me, and most effective on my defense.


Reverse seems to overwhelmingly favor defenses. Don’t think that formation should be allowed.

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That was my impression, too. Many hit-3 heros are being really (unintentionally) powerful against those defences… Gravemaker+Clarissa do tremendous amount of dmg very quickly. You mentioned Proteus, there’s Mist who makes average/slow/very slow heros useless most of the time etc. Of course, there are some heros who particularly shine in these defences, but rarely if the opening board is at least decent.

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