[Master] 🛡 Alternate Defence / Raid Formations -- Feedback & Discussion Thread (Polls in post #2)

I’m not sure how to explain what I am experiencing. After months of maintaining a trophy range in the 4500‘s I cannot even defend revenge attacks from 4000-4200 power teams with my 4550 team.

And we’re talking solid def heros. 19 emblems on telluria, 20 on alfrike, 20 on tyr, 18 on Uranus, and I’ve been trying to find the right 5ths between maxes JF, and 4 emblem kingston.

Either way I have a 4550~ team and I’ve been specifically attack low power teams, and consistently not holding up on raid revenges from them. When I say low I mean, 4k-4200 power.

This is more of a vent here, because it’s just another undue justice i am feeling here.

Are they designing this game for people to rage quit it? I love it and I am slowly finding more reasons why I am hating it.

Along with the fact that by the time you’ve maxed your five star in 7-12 months of time, they’ve released more hero’s that make the ones you’ve maxed, irrelevant. Because their specials aren’t even remotely close to on par with any of them.

At this point it’s just like, give back to the players. Stop taking everything away and making it suck.


So this has been live for a few days now, and I find myself getting frequently frustrated with the formations :frowning:
I’m taking nearly 4700 power teams into raids and still lose against teams even 300 points lower than mine? I think I really need to sit down and see what snipers to bring to battle. I’ve no idea what healer to bring either, bc c. Richard seems to get wiped more, and I’m even seeing my c. Vivian getting hammered by 1100 damage at once. :sob:
I really need to figure something out, or else I’m gonna have to lower my defence to make revenging easier.

Yeah cupping was a thing before this change, now seems even more prevalent…for those who even still raid. I know many who don’t even raid anymore because its too time consuming after you hit titan and use your own world energy up. On top of boards being hit and miss, they just flat out don’t raid anymore. I myself raid less and less and only interested in War and Tournaments. If they bring Formations into those im just going to call it quits. I’d rather SG work on balancing what they already have in game, than bring new stuff in all the time.


I cannot believe what I am reading. It’s not exactly rocket science figuring out how to beat these formations.

If anything I actually think I’m winning more revenge fights right now than I did before. Fighting in cup range 2600-2800


Personal Experience:
I am currently being raided MUCH more even when I don’t poke my head into the top 100 (local or global).

My win percentage is up but I think it is due to people attacking that would normally reroll.
I may be winning 60%-65% of my defensive battles but the wins are for 8 cup, 10 cups, 15 cups and the losses are often for 45 cups or so, this morning 51 cups.
It feels as though people are experimenting.
I believe my win percentage when revenging is WAY down, I have gone 0-3 and 1-2 several times this past week. Some of the players that have beaten me have very, very impressive defense teams.

While I am fairly normal in that I prefer winning to losing, I DO find the extra challenge has added interest to what has always been one my favorite aspects of the game.
I like the PvP arenas, Raids and Tournaments are personal, War has the added pressure of not letting you team down.
Will add a whole new level to war if/when it is added there. [rubs hands together in eager anticipation]

Been a fan of formations since their creation, but applying them just to regular raids seems to defeat any point they might have.

Raids are either war practice or chest-fill grinds; do people really want to have to strategise every battle in turn for this? Certainly doesn’t improve QoL.

That being said, if the variation they bring was applied in wars, or at least tourneys (maybe a separate weekend event, perhaps during the ridiculously long 5-day ToL period), it would give everyone a level playing field and chance to plan in advance.

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When entering raids I would like to choose
“Set standard formation on enemy team”=
“Standard” (or double / reverse etc)

This change affects my actual game time.
It takes too much time to change my team and it’s just not worth it, and how much ham to I want to spend on rerolling?
This way, I can choose the enemy formation and save 5 minutes a day. That’s a lot during a year.


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Has the novelty for these worn off for people yet? The frustration these are causing is pushing me to quit raiding. I don’t need a challenge 14+ times a day. I’d like to fill chests and collect ham without wanting to throw my phone every time.


Nope still loving them.


I like them too, because they add more diversity in raids. Also, it’s not necessarily extremely difficult. Against reverse teams, for example, I bring a 3/2 attack team, with heroes of the opposite colours to the wings. Most of the time it works well. Against double and reverse double, choose heroes hitting one target and nearby ennemies, to maximize their special. More than before, heroes must be chosen wisely, depending on what your are going to fight.

I’m not enthusiastic about the new formations, so I lose more trophies than before when I take revenge. Hope it will work out in time. I have a smaller account that doesn’t have a hero academy yet and I think it’s extremely unfair that I can’t change the line-up on this account. Often get mugged there for 10 or 11 trophies. This should be changed so that smaller ones can also change the formation.


This adds a new dimension to raiding and freshens it up a bit. However it’s now very rare to find some Bera/Freya standard formation tanks for war practice.

I used to like to raid but anymore with the raid formations I’m done theres enough calculations and math in this game.now I have to figure out more equations…yeah not so much now I just leave it alone witch is sad I enjoyed raiding on the old format so much better.


Thats why I started cup dropping and to can fill quick the chest. These formations took much time and are frustrating. I hate riding by default, so will continue not giving myself much effort.



V formation → if tank dies, easy ghosting
W → Nearby types can hit all
M → nearby types can hit all
/\ → ??

That /\ formation adds at least 200TP and depending on heroes, 400TP worth of difficulties (compared to V formation).
I already have to fight 4700+ teams with my ~4100 team in raid. So what’s the point of raid now since everybody and their dogs are using /\ formation? Just play board roulette? How did this even get past beta?!


I hate formations I’ve said that time and again but what I’ve been seeing is just a total drop in raids.
I raid less but also win or lose get raided a lot less !
My cups don’t really change much now unless I get 2750+ cups .
I can sit at 2600/2650 for days at a time till I decide to raid .
I use to have a line of raid results to check in the tower when I woke up in the morning im just not seeing much happening on the raid front on any of my 3 profiles now if I get hit 2 or 3 times in a day thats an exceptionally active day !
My various allinace members report a drop in overall raiding both on offense and defense.
Maybe there’s a team size where things change? like im usually in the top 10k but seldom top 200 or better unless I decide to make a run which I don’t bother with now .


You are right! I also noticed I’m getting raided a lot less than before. I have two defense teams; one is my best, when I set it, i can sit at 2550+ comfortably. Other is what I use mostly and it usually sits around ~2300 until win/loss evens out by attackers.

But since the formations (and I set /\ formation), my weaker defense is comfortably sitting 2500+ and getting raided low amount of times compared to before.

I am still to hear a reason for these formations except “spice things up.”

PS: I’ve now set my weaker defense back to V (original) formation and getting attacked slightly more but not as much as before. SG made raids less fun; people doing less raid. What else is new lmao.


There is a pretty simple logic here. If you do less offensive raiding you will also get raided less yourself.
My current defense team will sit at 2600+ if I do zero raiding the closer I get to those 2600 the less people will find my team attractive to raid.
Currently I sit at around 2750-2800 with that same team if I fill my daily raid chest - then i will drop to around 2700 over night. But with this activity my team is now hovering in the 2700-2800 range and therefor the risk/reward is much more interesting for others than if im inactive in offense myself.

Here is my current team running double formation

I typically get around 10-20 attacks over night at the moment if I go to bed with close to 2800 cups - so that is no different than it was before raid formations


I ran this team overnight after breaking 2800 cups before bed. Reverse Formation. It’s not my normal team, I use it or something like it to drop back down near 2400.

I was attacked 37 times, and won 23 of those. Net loss of -150 cups.

I know it’s just one night, and a single example, and those heroes, despite being all healers, are good…

… but I think that Reverse Formation is too punishing. Not just for me, or for people lacking rosters, or people who only run mono, or people who never run mono, but everyone.

You can’t focus on a single enemy hero as easily as other formations.

There isn’t a clear ‘tank’ since the wings have the most tile space open.

Random cascades of tiles don’t all/mostly hit the center anymore - they are hitting all 3 heroes in the center more likely.

I like the double and reverse double option, but I think that reverse formation needs some tweaking to keep it from becoming the only formation used in high diamond.


I have also tried reverse formation, and the results were much better than ever before - if not too good. This is one of the snapshots in last couple of days:

I mean, it’s not that my defence is weak or anything, but it should be noted that it kept me around 2550-2600 cups before new formations were introduced… The real question is: is the inverse formation too much, or people need some time to adjust to it? :man_shrugging:t2:


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