[MASTER] Alliance chat not loading -- 23 Dec, 2021

Chat just keeps spinning. Is it just me or did something break today? There appeared to be a small update this morning when I logged on. On Android, for reference, no further update available.


My alliance is experiencing the same thing


We cant chat either its not loading … whats going on ?

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Are you using 44.0.2 version ?
I have updated to that version from 44.0.1 last week.
It is downloaded something today at load.
I have no issues.

Try closing and restarting the game.

It was down for our alliance just came back up

Happening to me also.

Same here, I need to wait 2-3 minutes before chat starts working.

Yeah it’s bugging out server-side

Now it is not working for me either


Platform: Android

I sm experiencing the same in War Battlefield view too.

Ccing Staff too:
@ElleBlack90 @GuardianConstructs

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Please update on when this will be fixed. Going in and out during war is not cool

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Ios 15.1

Same issue as described by @PlayForFun


Noticed this too, I could load it for a brief window but not since then. And considering chat shows no new messages I think it’s the same for everyone in my alliance.

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Not able to chat in game. A lot of issues here. It started a couple of hours ago with an error while logging in.

I’ll forward to Mod chat… :+1:


Thx @Dudeious.Maximus

Meanwhile it is started to work for me, but others are still experiencing this.

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Mine was working… now it ain’t… now its working… Its def playing up hahaha :joy:


Mine is okay now, after awhile.

Chat does not work !! there is a war, I do not see messages !!

It is a internet issues, not a game issue. Weird that it is just effecting the chat only.

I thought it was just my internet connection because we had some freezing rain last night. Hope it’s something they can fix soon.

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