[MASTER] Adding choice of war effects in friendly matches/fight yourself

Just add a choise of war effects in friendly battles. It will be more better and useful than now.

This was suggested by myself and a few other players in the beta feedback thread.
I do think it will happen in time, it’s a case of roll out the friendly battle first without any hiccups then they can add to it down the line…
Also did ask for a friendly battle defence slot instead of having to use standard defence.
Maybe in the future this can happen tooo :slight_smile:


How about being able to attack yourself? Not understand why I can’t do it


That aswell was asked by other players so maybe down the line it could happen.


Has anyone already asked for notifications of friendly battles results on alliance chat? I think this would a very useful update, together with the possibility to attack your own defense and to apply, maybe by choice, war effects.

If I know right it was on beta test at start but for some reason was disabled after release.

It really is a pity. Hopefully they’ll come back to the start

Could also ask for tournament modifiers as well


every now and then the energy of sparring is renewed?

Now you have 5 flags per day. If you want more - you can refill energy for 100 gems


There was featured messages in alliance chat when first tested, but the chat got spamed by these messages it would be a pain if other info was trying to be said in said alliance chat and people missed other stuff…
People did say,… say I attack you, it come up In my chat and yours not everyone else’s. That was addressed so another thing down thee line that could be imputed into friends battles…

This a working progress only a day in haha they aware of all the ideas to make it better, but it’s a case of one step at the time :wink:

Yeah that was addressed aswell if people wanna spend then they will don’t see any profit in it really.

Would you enjoy option for different set of rules in friendly matches?
  • YES
  • NO

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Premium feature :

  • For a cost of 10 gems , you can set different rules of match :
  • healing aid
  • minions
  • very fast war
  • cleanse
  • buffs add multiplyer to attack

Map :

  • poison mist
  • dense fog
  • magic night

For 100 gems, you can refill friendly matches flags

This would also be used as training grounds for wars!

VOTE :slight_smile:

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Why does it need to have gems involved?


Good question.

I am coming from the stance, that if SG expands on their revenue options, they dont need to put so much empasis on power creep to continue earning to such extent from summoning portals and more specificaly, from heroes only.

Thats why I try to propose also ideas which everyone can benefit, but those features could also demand something later on, if you wish to utilize its features to the max.

Its not perfect solution, but the best I could think of in current situation :wink:

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We are not losing anything in this war. Why should we change it?

I really like the idea, but agree it doesn’t need to have gems attached. They’ve already given us the feature for free, which is great!

My alliance has already begun using it to test various new defense setups, but of course the testing isn’t super effective in standard raid format. Would be wonderful to be able to test under all the various rule sets, for sure.


Free for different rules : Yes
10 gems for different rules : No


Well, it’s not a bad reasoning.

But the thing is, providing a new feature or an improvement to a feature where gems are involved is akin to us being tolerant with activities that involve the spending of gems.

Secondly, the trend is that with every new seasonal or event heroes, including the ninjas, LoV, S4 and even recent HOTMs, the heroes recently released have increasing CP. And the power difference is significant. In my leveling team of 4* currently I am working on, my 2nd Kiril at 4/34 has 600 CP, Gobbler at 4/62 has 640 CP, Ametrine at 4/32 has 617 CP and Carol at 4/40 has 632 CP. Ares, one of the early HOTMs in 2017 has 765 CP while the current HOTM has 786 CP. Unquestionably, the trend is power creep, one single digit at a time until the difference of power between old heroes and new heroes are around 20 CP or more. Even if the idea is implemented at the cost of those gems, there is no assurance that SG will minimize, if not eliminate, power creep. They need to produce new heroes that have stronger base stats and more powerful skills in order to lure players to buy gems for them to summon. It’s their business model.

Don’t get me wrong. I like what OP has suggested, providing spice to the Friendly Matches as well as testing grounds for better raid and war defense. I just am apprehensive of the gems attached to such feature, especially when it does not count for hero kill count to the hero chest and that there is a daily cap on how many times you can avail of the feature.

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I think somewhere down the line it may happen. It is fresh feature and I’m pretty sure SG wouldn’t want to invest too much time in it, if it doesn’t turn out used often etc.

If one year from now we are still using it like crazy, they may look for ways to further improve this.

I personally like to test defenses of my allies, swap clips etc. But would I want to tryhard it enough to try and figure out best teams for each war rule etc? Would I want to constantly swap my normal defense to my war defense just so they can try it different ways? I don’t know, feels like too much effort and too much attention on my end. Add gem costs on top of it and I’m definitely out.