Massive idea: Colonies!

Anyone played OGame before? In Ogame, you can build spaceships that allows you to colonize new planets.

I propose a similar thing for Empires and Puzzles.

Once a player reaches Level 50, they can choose to spend 3000 Gems1, and send a builder away for 2 weeks to “colonize” another castle.

Once this is completed, players essentially get to play on a multi-account; except it won’t be against the ToS, and it’s completely tied to just a single account; you just switch bases by clicking on an icon.

This new base can also join alliance wars and titan battles; and also participate in challenge events, fill chests, etc. Basically everything we can do ATM.

With one addition: You can send reinforcements to your colonies (this works both ways); so you can choose to send a fully leveled 4-star team to reinforce your new colony so that it has a easier time completing the maps and stuff when starting out.

However, reinforcement heroes cannot be returned back to the original stronghold for 1 week. This is to prevent abuse.

This feature is great for older players who are out of stuff to build; you get to build everything again from scratch :smiley:

It’s also good for SG, who will get more revenue from all of the spending the 2nd base would realize with p2w players.

edit: Oops, forgot to explain the footnote

1The reason the gem cost looks so high, is because you get to collect Atlantis and Valhalla coins again from map completion on the second stronghold. So it’s actually pretty cheap.

Problem is us humans manage to screw up one planet all on our own… SG doesn’t want us to expand “screwing” up even more. Do you not think there’s a cost to the environment producing all that iron? We make ham not beef but… it’s still a drag on the ozone. Wtf, have you not been outside lately- were all on self quarantine!!! Nothing is for free either… SG monthly budget would sky rocket decorating all those bases with Easter eggs and crap. What would happen if you stopped off at the pub and wondered to the wrong home? … I’m voting a hard NO against your idea

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