Massive escape of players by magic tower do you stay or you go?

I’m saluting the anonymous

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By the time you realize you would have had to pay to complete more per day it’s too late. The heroes are amazing (which is good since they bombed on the collection of all slow mana heroes recently released that I care not to name ever)…

Anyways, yes the game has been lacking in development value while increasing in frustration for people who can’t pay over the last year. It’s like they (punchline removed because the truth hurts some people and this was flagged), so I stopped spending. Simple as that. I will not feed that philosophy. If you want people to pay more, go back to making it worth what they spend. Then I could go back to recommending the game instead of feeling like I cursed someone who starts playing something that isn’t what it used to be. Is that better? I was trying to use hypothetical humor, it was censored, so have some more sad dry truth instead. Take more of the fun out. Comedy makes atrocity more bearable. :wink:


Полностью поддерживаю тех, кто считает, что платить за прохождение события , это совершенно бессмысленно и определенно лишнее. Игра бесплатная, только если хочешь играть приходится всё больше платить, скоро таким образом будем платить за то, чтобы пройти ежедневные задания.

Excellent Post & thread…!

While I fairly support SG’s revenue earning activities thru-out the game, in all fairness, of the spirit of the game as it has been promoted since beginning, I am disappointed at free tower energy not being provided for all the 75 levels, which impacts a large number of players, especially those that don’t spend, who have been supporters / engagers with E&P, many from the very beginning !

I would urge thru @Petri @Staff_SGG : to look into this aspect, which I am sure they would have thought out before rolling out.

One solution can be similar to the events Rewards for different tiers, wherein SG can have two rewards:

  • A reward tier / ranking till L25
  • A reward tier/ ranking for impossible levels

They could increase the tower energy via sending 5 flasks in the player’s inbox once a player moves into the impossible stage…

Fairness makes this fantastic games truly fantastic !

Looking forward to a solution !


Well… you know… when you have enough coins to pull, it say “free” in your portal. But it never appear when you have enough gems to pull. That is because according to SGG, using gems is not free even if you get the gems for free.

Afterall, coins are only for pull but gems are not. In the same way gems are not only for paying Tower of Magic acces (51 and above). So by paying the gems, you lost in-game currency that you can use for other things. You are not free to use it as using it means sacrificing other thing.

No other event have entry fee that we have to pay, Tower of Magic is the first time. We have to pay gems if we want to enter floor 51 and above.


As I said, I’m not defending them. It’s impacted a few in my alliance as well.

But it is what it is so really for this now all you can do is make the bast of it.

If, once you’ve reached Impossible 25 the rewards have been worth considering then it’s a personal choice to use 250 gems (if you have them) to continue.

But if you stopped there it would be interesting to see how that ended in terms of global positioning. If you compared that to where you end in NT and it’s comparable then the end result is the same for you.

I’m going to get extra emblems and coins for pressing on but I have to do another 25 levels to finish this. From a resource management position this hurts me as well. I’m now digging into the reserves I set aside for the monthly events.

So this time I’m going to finish it and then I have to make the same assessment as to whether it’s been worth it. But I won’t know until this ends.

Even those of us who spend have to consider these things. I’m not a whale but I do spend a pretty reasonable sum in here. Even with my budget I have resource management issues to consider same as you will.


Thanks. I can understand this interpretation. I interpreted “pay” as “pay with real money”.

I now realize that some people use the verb “pay” also for “pay with gems”. Indeed, looking again at the OP it seems consistent with your definition and never implied money has to be involved.

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You can use gems to get more energy flasks.

You can earn gems for free in-game.

Therefore, you can complete all levels for free - just with some extra work.

Seems clear!


It’s a clickbait headline. It’s not actually about players leaving but about what players want.

I just had a thought that this isn’t that much different from buying more flags in weekly raid tournament. Yes you can use all 25 flags and where you can’t. Both only affect a small number of players

I do think this is one of the dumbest decisions SG has made. This will have an immaterial impact to revenue and has created a talking point for why people will leave or hate SG.


Say that to SG who won’t put “free” label on portal when you have enough gems for pull, only when you have coins for pull they give the “free” label.


Big salute to the 3%

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Well, you know there are definitely some players who love a system that result in less players competing against them.

They want less F2P join the competition for higher rank.


This is just going to go round in circles lol.

It states its free to play game even on the video in play store… play now for FREE.

If there not going to make it free play then they should change that for starters.

Regardless of what some players think its tough enough for FTP players this is just something else on top of it all… what’s next I guess.

And tbh there not even giving FTP players an explanation to why this has been applied.
Unprofessional and Disrespectful to a lot of the players that stay loyal to SG tbh.


C’mon, it’s just an another one summon portal with new shiny/musthave/imbalanced heroes + another one light modified copy of previous event.

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Do you mean a gem-restricted version of previous event?


I mean Ninja tower. Tower of magic it’a just a more casual version of NT. Milking machine in turbo mode :slight_smile: Another one bunch of new heroes to summon. This game now oriented only on p2w players

It seems to me that MT is easier than NT. However, I already able to finish NT with more than 30 heroes intact. So I can actually challenge for more if not for the gem restriction.

Casual = easier :slight_smile: 25 mandatory levels VS 50 mandatory levels for event finish. Finished TM with 4* heroes only. Only 6 heroes was cursed

False. This is 75 mandatory levels for event finish. You seems to be mislead by outdated beta system.

In the 1st beta iteration, it is true that finishing floor 25 is already considered as completion of the tower. However, they change it in 2nd beta iteration, finishing 25 floors is no longer considered as completion of the tower, it is now only considered as completion of normal levels only. Impossible floors also have completion.


I know about beta change and etc. But I don’t like grind and for me is mandatory only 25 levels (all chests). And I absolutely not plan to finish others 50 levels.

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