Massive escape of players by magic tower do you stay or you go?

What is your opinion about the tower of magic event and that everything indicates that only by paying you will be able to complete the 75 floors

  • I want to be able to play all the floors without having to pay
  • I think it’s good that you have to pay
  • I don’t care exactly the same

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This has to stop.

it’s supposed to be a free and fair game.
is what has made the game great and now they are changing the rules to force players to pay to play

The magic tower is an event that lasts 5 days and they are giving 10 energies per day, we are already on the 3rd day and I have my 10 energies back.
If this continues, the game will give me 50 energies in total but the tower of magic has 75 floors, which in order to complete them it is necessary to have 75 energy.

So I’m going to have to pay to play the last 25 floors ???

I have been playing this game for almost 4 years I have created a website that can be translated into any language with all the heroes’ files and a lot of information in addition to several channels and social networks giving information about the game and strategies but honestly if this is not solved I doubt very much that I will achieve see a continuity of my part in the game.

There are many ways to encourage a player to spend money but creating an event that only paying you can finish will go against everything that represents empires puzzle

What will be the next thing, they will take out the fifth season and they will force us to pay with gems to be able to play each level

If you think like me, leave your comment, vote for the post, make your claims because otherwise the game will be spoiled.

a player who wants to continue to enjoy a fair game


Where is the voting?


like y coment
with that they help us to unite as a community and show small giant that it is not something that the players agree


There’s no chests on impossible. Like at all.

All you get for finishing it is a higher position for the end. I’d wager if you are perfect and get to 25 impossible you’ll probably be in a similar end position to where you were in Ninja tower.

So finishing it is probably for bragging rights if you weren’t going item crazy on NT.

So I spend money and I buy the flasks but after 25 all I’m competing with are people the same as me. The exact same people I was competing with on Ninja tower.

Before we get the burning pitchforks out why don’t you see where your end position is and compare that to where you normally end in Ninja tower


I just corrected the post apologies in the top vote


Was a bad move by @Staff_SGG. Think an explanation to FTP players to why you hav put a pay wall on completing the tower event.

Considering it’s meant to be free to play game.


My opinion is that these events totally suck, I would rather get a root canal than play the Tower of magic. Let alone pay for it. At this point I have absolutely no intention of even trying to play it because of the time commitment involved. I took one look at it and thought :face_vomiting: and haven’t bothered to play a single level. Because of this I was unaware that there is a pay wall involved in the event which really shouldn’t be there if true. It’s unfortunate.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::+1: This I can agree on

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I am confused by this repeated statement that you have to pay to play the last 25 levels of the tower.

I am buying the flasks with gems I won in game. No money involved. So this feature is open for F2P, you just have a tradeoff with what you do with your gems.

Accordingly, I don’t have a valid slot to participate in the poll.


So what do ftp players do if they don’t hav the 250 gems


Indeed they can’t finish it this time, but they can save for next time. F2P that look in beta beat could actually prepare for this one as well.

I don’t have enough gems to get two flasks… So I’ll just be stuck in a level cause I can’t continue


Lol what? Whoever chooses this option I salute you


Playing to continue is already the reason why I outright refused to play tourneys a long time ago. I’ve paid so many times already it’s not funny and I’m not playing a tourney where I get eventually get 4 shot in a day, Especially when a completely unbalance mode like Rush exists and new OP heroes come out left and right.


This is a historic moment in the history of EP. Never before has SGG not issued sufficient free energy to play an event.

Players buy extra flasks to try to score better (board shop), or retry in the event that they failed to clear a stage, or (worse) gets disconnected mid-fight but still want to continue, so they persevere on.

Those gems are meant to be used for other purposes:

  1. Buy extra flasks for purposes detailed above
  2. Pull heroes
  3. Buy in for RT after every 4 losses
  4. Expand roster
  5. Buy stuff from shop
  6. Reset emblems
    (I can’t think of more practical reasons).

Never before do players have to buy 5 flasks to get 25 extra energy cos SGG is only giving 50 energy for a 75 floor event.

You are in the minority. Please do stop to think about other players’ priority for their gems. What works for you may not work for others.

If you are happy with the new direction that SGG has started on, carry on.

Others, who are not happy, will decide for themselves whether they want to follow the new direction.


It’s not the point bud.

it’s a free to play game says it before you download the game.

ftp save gems on pulls and other things and now they got to save for Tower events aswell as saving them to complete other events witch is increasing monthly .

It’s just building up making it tougher for ftp players in witch is wrong. We got enough players leaving already don’t need more leaving because of it.


Votes are confidential. We won’t know who voted this option unless that voter happily shares that info.

I enjoy reading your comments and you are usually spot on and insightful. Here i have to disagree it’s not just about the chests or finishing position, there are still emblems and other loot for every level.

I know that as a long time player i have used many gems on other things (vc2p) than just summons for game enjoyment like weekly tournaments and speeding up chests. That gives me more value than Dawa. That remains my choice theoretically i don’t need to continue tournaments as the rules are clear and in the game it is possible to play 25 battles without gems.

The MT is not and that is a problem and should be a problem for anybody who plays the game irrespective of budget.



Why do you think I didn’t stop to think about other players priorities?
I am fine with their priorities.

Given my own personal approach, I don’t have an option to participate in the vote, since my valid approach is not covered in the poll.

What an argument^^. It is out of proportion.

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