Mass Stat Rebalance for Old Heroes

I propose the stats for all event & monthly heroes with stat power below 790 (or even just 780) be equalized. They’re all “old heroes” now, so there’s no need to keep Lepus behind Killhare in base stats. Even if SG plans to give them a costume bonus, I’d like them to look about the same.

Here are the base stats of heroes with costumes previously in beta/other announcements:

763 Master Lepus
768 Drake Fong
768 Gravemaker
775 Poseidon
780 Lady of the Lake
780 Jabberwock
781 Finley
789 Killhare

I’ll highlight the biggest stat difference: 763<789 (Lepus vs. Killhare, 36 point difference)

This stat imbalance is a relic of E&P glamorizing new heroes. Seeing Killhare is no longer “new” anyway, I’d like to see all these equalized.

Here are some old favorites that have fallen from the meta:

772 Kageburado
769 Alice
768 Alasie
765 Panther
765 Ares
765 Athena
765 Guinevere

These would have an easier time remaining in good standing if newer heroes over 800 power didn’t make them look so small. Ramping these old heroes up to 790 power (and reducing the costume bonus, if you truly must make more costumes) would revitalize summoning interest in Atlantis, challenge events, and especially the Tavern of Legends.

A similar stat rebalance for 3* and 4* heroes would also be appreciated.

SG needs people to be dissatisfied with their current roster to drive them to pay for new heros. This will never happen.


Dark Lord’s at 805 power, and the numbers are still climbing. 790 is still smaller. And when Roc & Yunan get costumes and Yunan’s still a couple feet shorter than his fellow “latest & greatest” friend? Even if they get equalized down at 780 or so, I think it’s time. I’d like costumed Alice to be as appealing as costume Jabberwock

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