Mass emblem sale – Magpie’s Emblem Boutique / Return to Morlovia

Not always, I was F2P (although the last 6 months the wife and i do deals that are usually under $3 and do the $5 VIP), but it’s possible.

As Ben Franklin stated “Penny saved is a penny earned”.

140 emblems even if this occurs once a month doesnt seem like that large a jump, ftp are going to be maxing the first 5*s with a few months of spenders anyway

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Well… Another sale coming soon. Or you forgot about seasonal event this month? 50-50 if I remember correctly, was the last seasonal event (Sand Empire). Btw, I cannot afford either, but our complains go to deaf ears, like you don’t know. The greed prevails…


Explain this to me.

Do you not have the same opportunity to purchase this deal as I do?

How is something that is offered to everyone unfair?

Fair represents equal opportunity not equal outcome. Just because you can’t/won’t purchase this offer doesn’t mean for a second that it isn’t fair. F2P, P2P, C2P are choices.


I didn’t forget about them I just think you are wrong.

The scale of direct emblem sale is absolutely tiny compared to the drop rate of people filling multiple chests a day.

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In my opinion, we can assume the vocal users are not curious.

Thank you very much for posting it for the rest of us.

The majority of the replies on the forum ( vocal users ) is how emblems for sale destroyed Empires ( not Stronghold level twelve plus ) and currency versus gems ( not merciless RNG while summoning, titan tiers, chests and alchemy lab ).

I think all the rage is the disappointment. Like poking at a sore tooth you cannot afford to fix.

Emblems are the one way players without money, or players from counties with bad ratios of man hours to gems, can get good pseudo 5* heroes.

But even 4*+20 heroes are not as good as HotM so it further angers the players ( looking at you elemental defense debuff heroes and Tarlak/ Ranvir/ Miki ).

And several really really good 4*+20 may elude you due to merciless RNG ( looking at you Wu Kong, Rigard, Melendor, Grimm, Boldtusk ).


Playa please.

You think EVERYONE playing this game has $15 USD laying around that they can waste on this game?

Heck that they even should waste on this game.

This is clear pay to win. While buying gems gave people an advantage in getting newer heroes, those heroes suffered from some power creep. And honestly we could look at that as inevitable.

What happened today is straight up pay to win on a pretty significant scale.

(The 175 gems for 10 emblems was not enough emblems that it was going to immediately have a big impact. It was not ideal but ya know. At least was a ‘minimal’ thing)


Just for perspective, this isn’t the first time. Emblems have been on sale during seasonal events. Expect that again in morlovia. I recall it was $7USA for 350 gems and emblems. These sells have been fairly infrequent.

I have not not emblems in the past. I did this time. I don’t think the $0.99 offer is that good but the $2.99 I found attractive with the troop tokens in there too. I could afford this. You have to play your own game though and respect all.


Farewell competitive balance

It was nice knowing you, mostly competitive balance. Power creep had been steadily poisoning you, hoping that one day you would simply stop breathing and it could collect on that life insurance policy.

But alas, our old friend Super Greed stepped up to the plate and straight up shanked competitive balance right in its liver. Never stood a chance, really.

In hindsight we should have seen this coming. Super Greed been lurking, and makes daily threats to CB’s life. I guess I just didn’t expect it to end in such a gruesome way.

Let’s take the rest of the day to mourn. But soon we should plan a day to celebrate CB’s life - as it were. I think we owe CB that.


Time to rage quit again @Duaneski, dw I have you on Discord :rofl::joy:

We all rage quit this game don’t we

I think my heroes are going to die a slow and terrible death as I can’t match the HOTM


I was sure as soon as emblems were introduced that it was only a matter of time.
It is always like this - P2W will always be ahead… By a mile…
For comparison reasons I just recently collected enough emblems to get to +8 for three classes and I fought a +15 Guinevere today. That gap is huge.


Holy smokes, that’s insane


I would see this thread.


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Now here’s a challenge

Without violating forum rules, can you tell me who exactly are the real competitors? That’s a puzzle if there ever was one :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy:

I’m sure @zephyr1 will be watching the reply closely

I actually am genuinely interested to know the answer to that question…

But I know I can’t get an answer :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:

I was FTP for a year, P2P for some time, and back to FTP for the past 3 months (no purchases, for you sticklers who will argue that I can’t technically be FTP since I’ve spent money).

Was tempted by this offer, but I’ve come to peace with the idea that I may fall behind. Just because everyone in the game and forum knew me as the greatest player of all time doesn’t mean I have stay that way.

It’s still ok to enjoy the game if you’re not winning every action.


Definitely the worst hit against f2p ever… a cheap offer with major impact… for only a few bucks, some 5* will instantly move one step up the talent grid, a step it would have taken them a month or more if emblems wouldn’t be available to buy like candy… I think is a master mind blow, just like that Valentine offer that sent gems to all your team mates… just a bit short of turning a f2p into a c2p… Not this f2p, no, sir! Not this time!


I wish we had more competition.

Honestly. It’s boring to see Small Giant win at everything

(that was very good btw @Duaneski)


Not me! As an owner of Zynga stock, I’m happy to see purchasable offers!


I’m just looking forward to when the copycat game also copies all the things people complain about in E&P.

I’m amused that anyone thinks a company that’s wholesale stealing other people’s work for their own profit is somehow going to be the savior for players who are sick of frustrating or questionable business practices.


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