Mass emblem sale – Magpie’s Emblem Boutique / Return to Morlovia

There’s questions about “how much money to spend to compete” and similar. One thing to keep in mind is the game has evolved. There was a point where people that spent hit a ceiling. Then, the lower spenders and eventually no spenders (depending on length in the game) caught up.

We are now at a point where there can be some separation. Those that put some money into the game can get an advantage. Personally, I don’t think that’s all that bad. I support those that spend having some sort of advantage - why else spend. By no means am I a super spender ( just check out my team on the first post in the thread below for proof), and it is challenging facing some teams with highly emblemed HOTM or similar, but I like a challenge. We can compete where we are at and continue to grow.

My thoughts.

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