Mass emblem sale – Magpie’s Emblem Boutique / Return to Morlovia

I was dreading the day that emblems were going to be sold en masse (current Magpie sale). Unfortunately means the end of my 2.5yr stint. As a mostly non spending player I’m already stuggling to keep up.


Yup, very disappointed in this myself. I thought SG was heading in the right direction when they reduced the amount of emblems you can receive from Alkashards, but this offer is a hard blow for f2p/vc2p players. 140 emblems at once? Come on …
Unfortunately, I expect many players to buy it since the absolute cost is relatively low, encouraging SG to do more of these in the future. What a shame.


Here is the offer for the curious:

It does seem to be another giant leap towards ptw, but the good news is you can’t really win this game so what’s it matter?


And being from South Africa it will cost me a days wages to buy all 140 emblems… No can do


I’m also tempted by it.
It isn’t much money considering what is being given, and developing the game isn’t done for free.
$15 USD to clean out the deal (3 epic troop tk / 45 em cleric / 45 em paladin / 25 em archer / 25 em magician / 700 gems ) - there is the math.
This the future - micro transactions.


Yes, the temptation is big with this offer. I have two maxed Paladin and Cleric 5* each. But do I really want to spend money for the emblems? Upping up 5* is a slow race anyway. That offer doesn’t speed it up dramatically

It matters a great deal where wars are concerned. I understand that wars are a team effort, but if there are teams that regularly spend vs teams that don’t, the odds of winning are very slim, especially if war scores are the determining factor for pairing opponents in war.


Nah, I don’t need em. I have been getting lucky with my emblem drops. This was just a matter of when.

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We knew it was coming.

I don’t particularly like that emblems are on sale, but it bothers me more now after tournament emblems (which were supposed to be a sizable chunk of emblem income) have been neutered. Not only are the emblems reduced, but if your luck is like mine you can roll the lowest amount per tier week after week after week.

The emblem disparity is already obvious in wars and I’m sure SG know what they’re doing, so I can only assume that the gap is intended to grow.


I don’t need them either, but that’s really not the point. This is the second time in a week that emblems are being offered for sale and that would/should upset any f2p player. It is a clear and unfair advantage that should not be included in this games design. As it stands though, there are three options you can choose from:

2)Conform and buy
3)Get mad and get over it

Personally, I’m choosing option 3.


@King_Kyree77 When was the other time? The Magpie one from just now is the only one I have seen. I normally do not pay attention to any offer other than the Atlantis flash offer that goes for the first two to three days. As I think that along with the VIP is the only worthwhile offers.

They had them in the shop underneath where you buy the avatars and backgrounds for your personal profile. They cost 175 gems and you could buy that offer up to 2 times.


There was an in shop offer a few days ago. That one for 175gems x 2.


See. I know I’m not THAT crazy. lol


Well someone gotta pay for Zyngas headquarters… Check it out on wikipedia… Lol


No need to quit, if you dont like what SG is doing, take your business to the competition instead.

Use your power as a consumer!


Next time they should add ability to buy half emblem and 1 gem for 10 cents with 40 of them at stock. So I can click more and log in to the payment system more.

Honestly, all I managed to do is block my Google Pay account because of number of transactions. Great. Now I can’t buy anything anymore.

Why isn’t there an option to buy more than 1 per transaction?


If they made emblems strictly the cost of gems, that would seem somewhat better as everyone has the ability to get gems for free through normal/everyday game play. Emblems should not be something real money can obtain, IMO. Plus, on the other hand…if you want emblems to not cost, then they should be taken out of the VIP.

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Just seen a guy with a 4515tp team. Possibly thx to our gem sale. 5* heroes at levels 13 and 14 talent.

Problem is that real money gets you gems.

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