MARVELess Heroes

We are recruiting for new members for our Alliance, MARVELess Heroes. We are a friendly bunch and have mostly been together for a few years.

Alliance name: MARVELess Heroes

of members: 15/30

Cup requirement: None

We are looking for people who just play in their downtime to relax. We don’t use any outside apps besides the game chat because we want this to be a stress free environment. All we ask is that you participate when you can, most of us play at least once a day. We’re a group of all ages. Some of us have been together for over 2 years. We have been pretty steady with our current members but were looking to build to kill higher Titans and make sure we win wars that we are close in. If at all interested come take a peak and we will accept almost immediately and no hard feelings if you’re not feeling it and you dip.

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