Marking troops as assigned for tournament raids

Can you identify troops that are assigned to raid tournament defense teams? Currently, you can see what troops are assigned to your regular teams.

The problem I had was a accidentally fed a troop that was assigned to my tournament raid defense team to another troop during a leveling up task.

So my defense record is terrible since there is a default troop assigned to one of my heroes. basically a common villager with 0 abilities.

@Deeford you probably already know this, but you can lock individual troops. While they’re locked you can’t feed them away.

The simple solution is to lock all the troops you use for tournaments, raids, etc so you don’t eat them.

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You can feed troops while they are locked but you can’t use them as feeders while they are locked.

I feel you may be mistaken and only think that troop was assigned and that you may have had 2 of the same troop.
I am not seeing how this was possible as troops can’t be used for feeding while assigned to a hero as it is automatically locked in.

A single troop can be assigned to multiple heros in different teams but you can’t use that same troop for 2 heros on the same team and once a troop is assigned to any team it is locked in and can’t be used for feeding.
You can how ever use the same troop within the same team if you have 2 of that same troop meaning your assigning one of each to each different hero in that same team.

Hope this helps you.

No, @Deeford is quite right. You can lose troops that are currently being used in the Raid Tournament by feeding them to another troop.

They’re not assigned in the team slots, so they don’t get considered “in use.”

I’ve worked around it by keeping the troops I use for Raid Tournaments and Challenge Events marked in my favorites

That said, just because there’s a workaround doesn’t mean that the behavior isn’t a bug or an undesirable behavior that might be worthy of changing.

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Ok, then maybe this should be noted to SG as a bug and see what they say about it.

Thanks all. Should I refer it as a bug, or will one of you forward it?

I don’t think this is a bug as this also happens in Wars. You can feed away a troop that is assigned to your war team. The system auto-assigns a common villager to replace it.

While I think this could be designed better, I also don’t believe this is a bug.

As an FYI, most of the people responding to your questions on this forum are players like you. We’ve just been around a little longer, have some knowledge stored away, and love to share it with others :grin:

Unfortunately, that means we have no special way of contacting SG or forwarding a request :unamused:

Yes i think it could be designed better as well. I’ll check to see if a recommendation can be made to SG through their established channel, or else i will raise it within their bug channel and state it as a design improvement suggestion.
Thank you all for your help.

Yes, I have since tested it more and you are right thus I do agree it should be so then and this should be fixed so that any used troops are automatically locked in.

I could be wrong here but sure it was like that when I first started playing a year ago as it was the bases to my response to start with.

I have a question about troops and the raid tourney- as well…
Obviously you can do whatever you want to your raid Defense BEFORE The raid starts, however once the raid tournament begins, can you level the troops that are “assigned” to your raid Defense? I’ve heard that yes you can level those troops, however the troops don’t level on the actual raid tourney- defense.
If that’s the case, how about embling heroes on your raid Defense during the raid tournament? And what about their skills if not at 8/8 already?
ANY info on this would be very helpful
EDIT- @LadySuzanne you seem to have a really good grasp on the concept I’m trying to explain based on your responses In here already- but anyone who knows please let me know as I’m in a ham bind and need to know if I should level up troops 1st before the raid actually starts.
Thanks again folks

I’m not sure, but I don’t think it will let you do anything to a troop or hero already committed to a war or tournament nor do I believe anything changes with those heroes or troops once the war or tournament starts even if they are leveled up, emblemed, etc. I will see if it will try to let me feed off a troop committed to the tournament once this next tournament starts, and I will report.

You can level them if they are assigned in war or tournament, just can’t change them out.

But does it change the level mid-tournament?

Yes it does. I’ve leveled up both during wars and tournaments several times.

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Cool. Thanks. I wasn’t sure.

I know I war you don’t see it immediately. There’s a slight lag in updating the levels.

Tbh, I can only give you information about war. I typically don’t level troops in raids unless it’s a 5* raid tourney and I don’t remember ever hitting the next level on a troop during one of those. Just a timing thing that’s never happened :laughing:

Just to follow up, the answer is “Yes.” You can feed off a troop that is currently participating on a Raid Tournament Defense, but it does warn you before you agree to feed it off.

You sure can! If you go to the Raid Tournament main screen (Figure 1) and click anywhere on your Tournament Defense Team, it will enlarge the team details including assigned troops (See Figure 2). And if you REALLY want a reminder of individual hero details, if you click on a hero in Figure 2, it will produce the Hero Card. See Figure 3. :blush: Or if you want a reminder of troop details, if you click on a troop in Figure 2, it will produce the corresponding Troop Card as seen in Figure 4. :hugs:

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

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