What would you guys think about a marketplace , where you can trade your heroes or troops.
I think that idea would be awesome , definitely not getting all heroes I want in 10x pulls and getting poor slowly :smiley:

Make your choice…there are even more but I don’t want to spam your topic with pics…

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Just type “trade” in the search line…:wink:

The market place seems a good idea but I’m the years past its was called a trading post where you traded what you have for what you wanted cos we all have troops/hero’s /food/iron and gems to trade with

hi, Me and my family hsve been playing this game for a few months now and i have just a couple of ideas i would like to put to you. firstly i think if the gem packs were a little cheaper more players would buy them, also if you have a smaller gem pack maybe 100 or 200 this would encourage more players to buy gems. lastly i think if players use 300 gems there should be a beter chance of better characters, i just thi k it takes a long time to save 300 gems and with no cheap or easy way of acquiring gems it sickening when doesn’t get to advance there main deck. i hope this feedback helps.

Your’s faithfully Mr Mallinson

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Hi everyone. I think that marketplace in clans can be greate Idea. Owners of the game can have more profits if exchange will be possible only for geems. The think is only to make a minimum like 300 geems to do trade. Think about it. At thirst people could trade only artefacts. Do tests with it :slight_smile: I think that this change will add somethink good to this game

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