Market coins

I know, there are plenty of ideas about a market.
What I want to say here is not an exchange market as everybody wants it to be, I know some of you will hate this post, but here it is my idea.

If you want to exchange some of your resources that you (probably) got for free, you gotta pay.
So, first, if you have something that you want to get rid of you will be placing that on a market. Nobody will see who you are, where you’re from, they will see just the items you sell.
Now, buyers, in order to get what you put on the market they gotta purchase some market coins.
With market coins you buy the products on the market. Others cheap, others expensive, you know, free market.

So for example, I want to sell 1000 iron for 1000 market coins.
The buyers will start the bidding on 1000 market coins.
Let’s say, there is a buyer that will pay 2000 market coins for my iron.
For those 2000 I will get 2000 points in a market chest. The market chest will open (let’s say) at 5000 points and it will give me random stuff. Chances are I will get new materials I need.
I am happy for my excessive iron was exchanged to something else, the buyer is happy for his iron, SG is happy for the market coins sale, win-win-win.

I think that from a business standpoint this will increase the revenue of the company and the happiness of the players.

I hear you, but that’s nothing about the market coins.
Everybody is spinning around trying to make it so users will benefit from it.
In the end, if this will happen, it has to be part of the business plan.

Every idea we have posted including yours too, which come across with the company funds, will get rejected.
If you want some thing to be able to use try to make it good to the benifets of SG.
If they can earn money from it, they will pay to code it.

So yeah, that’s what I said. That will make money to the company.
Buy market coins which you can use them in exchanges.
Then market coins can be a subject of fee. So each time a transaction will happen, E&P will retain a fee. So in 2 - 3 transactions, 1000 coins will be lost and you have to purchase other coins.

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Now your talking.
And I think @Sara @Petri @EmpiresPuzzles will like it :wink:

Yes this at least could work as it is a form of what I have always said (a site wide store) which can’t be manipulated by any one player or within any one allience.

  1. Market coins is a hood idea instead of using gems as you would but these market coins at about the same cost you could buy gems for to use only within the market.
  2. not being able to see who posted these items is also a great idea ad this would remove being able to make deals outside on 3rd party sites.
  3. number of market coins per ascension item, heros, ingredients etc would be a set price for all members based on SG’s settings so no one player is better advantaged over another.
  4. posting an item would reward a player with say 25/50% the cost of buying that item using MC (Market Coins) which could then be accumulated and reused to purchase from the market.

This way your not just giving things away without a return and the returns stay usable only within the said market place.

So far the best idea yet as it offers a new income for SG and players get what they want when it comes to getting rid of stuff they feel they don’t need as well as offers an opportunity to gain stuff they do need.

Being a market it would be all about first in first served and SG makes thier money selling MC’s.

No real reason not to build this SG as it could be done as a whole new tab within the site with a small clickable link at each item saying something like (send to market), once there it can’t be returned.

what excuse for not doing this now I wonder🤔

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