Marjana - talent build


I am planning to level Marjana as my second red hero.

I am not so sure about which way I want to spend her emblems?

Would you go full tank mode for a potential tank in aw or full sniper. Below is the math.

All the builds have 20% dodge for special attacks and 4% additional crit. (just stating the obvious :P)

  1. Full sniper: ATTACK: 795 DEFENSE: 770 HP: 1519

  2. Full tank: ATTACK: 719 DEFENSE: 809 HP: 1628

Now here is where it gets interesting. If you add troops into the math you have the following scenarios

  1. Sniper - mana troop ATTACK: 998 DEFENSE: 908 HP: 1519 B.HEAL: +20% MREG: +15%

  2. Sniper - tank troop ATTACK: 954 DEFENSE: 962 HP: 1665 B.CRIT: + 15%

  3. Tank - mana troop ATTACK: 906 DEFENSE: 970 HP: 1628 B.HEAL: +20% MREG: +15%

  4. Tank - tank troop ATTACK: 862 DEFENSE: 1011 HP: 1774 B.CRIT: +15%

I hope this helps, on the first glance out of the 4 options. Number 2 is clearly the worst, but all of the remaining 3 are viable in my opinion.

What do you guys think? Can’t wait to read your answers! :smiley:

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Could you help us out by putting the comparison in the same terms? 1800 hp vs 100 extra hp (as an example) means I have to skip around all over the place to understand what I am comparing and by the time I get back I’ve forgotten the details lol. Great question though :slight_smile:

Tnx for the input.

I did the math and I came up with these results and moved them up to the first post.

Normally I would as about the rest of your roster.

However it sounds like you are color stacking.

For color stacking heroes I highly recommend attack talent grids

it’s really depend on your team setup - will you be putting her as your main tank?
if no, go for full attack - as she should be on side instead on the flank. putting fast hero on the side will be better as they can somehow to use at least 1x special if no target tiles r hitting on them consistently.

Hope this help. :slight_smile:

I choose Mariana for rogue too. She will be full attack for me, she is already hard enough.

personally I would go with option nr1 (second list). Everyone will up the defence of healers etc, so you need more damage. Most people will up the damage of their attackers, so with Marjana you want the best chance possible to 1 hit them before they have the audacity to hit back :slight_smile: Option nr 2 is ok in that regard in that extra crit can make more difference than most people imagine. But if you go the sniper route, you are thinking speedy battles and crit doesn’t affect specials (please correct me if I’m wrong on that point)
On the tank route, in theory she is more likely to be standing to hit more often, but that doesn’t suit my preference of doing everything I can to stop the enemy from firing, with wiping them out first high on my agenda :slight_smile:

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