Marjana special skill stats

So I pulled Marjana out of TC20 a while back and finally leveled her special skill to the max

  • 458% damage
  • 204 damage over 6 turns

When I open the Wiki it says

  • 458% damage
  • 300 damage over 6 turns

Is the wiki wrong? I see the same with my Kelile which actually has greater DOT than Marjana at this point (264 damage/6 Turns in my game vs 360 / 6 turns in Wiki).

I am so confused with this. Has the card been changed and the wiki not updated? Is my game wrong? lol


I’d say that she was nerfed and the Wiki hasn’t been updated to reflect that

That was my first guess but I couldn’t find anything about it. Is there a place to check what nerfs have occurred in the past?

In combat does more, depending of offensive talents and also the troops. The same thing with GM and so on. Just click on her during the battle.

You have to bring her to 4-80 to have 300 DOT.


Right, I was just wondering about the base stats, given what I saw on the Wiki… Currently digging the forum to find out more

Thank you! I did not know DOT increases with hero base stat!

Also just found a better thread if anyone is interested!


DoT is a percentage of base attack, so it increases with:

It does not increase with buffs, though.


She must be max to have 300 DOT (318 with att emblems)

The post is 7 months old, hopefully she’s maxxed by now :grin:

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