Marjana special skill max stat error [SOLVED: DoT scales with hero stats, and requires maxing the hero to hit the full amount]

I leveled my Marjana’s special skill to 8/8, but somehow its stat is lower than what it should be, as shown by the pictures. The level 80 Marjana is the sample hero showed in the Summon Gate, and its skill description reads “458% damage + 300 additional damage in 6 turns”, while my Marjana’s skill description reads " 458% damage + 218 additional damage". I tested my Marjana out on Season 1’s final boss to seeif it’s just a description error and turns out it is actually 43 damage per turn, which is 258 damage in 6 turns, still less than the official stat.

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It’s not a bug but working as intended.
The dot damage scales with attack stat of the hero. Once your hero is fully leveled it will be the same as shown in the sample.
Talents and troops also influence the damage done in battle (but no temporary buffs like Kiril)


I didn’t know that. Thanks for the help!

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