Marjana or second Azlar?

I recently maxed my Azlar. Last month i got Marjana and Elena from tc20 and i was planning on leveling Marjana after Azlar. Today i got a second Azlar from TC20. It kind of puts a wrench in my original plans, so I’m looking for advice. Should i go ahead with leveling Marjana or start on the second Azlar. Both are great choices, I’m looking for outside input. Thanks

Marjana. She’s probably the best classic red 5*. Moreover two Azlar isn’t tremendously useful.


Not even a question. Marjana of course.


You don’t think an Azlar on either side of a tank would be useful? I don’t have them, but guinevere or ares flanked by 2 Azlar would be intimidating as hell to me.

No. I would bring three blues and a cleanser and wipe your team. Two identical slow, low-HP heroes isn’t scary.

Two Gravemakers, now that is troublesome, but still invites a blue stack.

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True, you got me there. Thanks

You took the words right outta my mouth as I was reading the previous post…LOL

Marjana, not even a question.

marjana all day bud her speed and defense far surpass azlar in usefulness

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Marjana is great, those super strong slow AOE hitters have their place but a strong fast sniper really comes in handy often!

Personally, I’d pick Marjana. Azlar is great on defense but she’s a bit more versatile and viable on offense to me.

I’m a Colen every day user, so as I figure, Azlar is Colen on steroids. If I’ll be lucky enough to get Azlar, I would 100% max him. But I also think there is strenght in diversity. So, as much as would like to have Azlar, one maxed would be enough. Rings don’t come around every day, so 12 rings for the same hero seem a bit much…

Marjana. More well rounded roster.

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I’d take Marjana over your first Azlar…oh wait, I did.


2 azlar only help for aw

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