Marjana or Mitsuko

I just maxed Mitsuko and now I am wondering if I should use her in my DEF team instead of Marjana. Marjana is off course one of the best wing heroes, but Mitsuko seems to be a bit stronger and the mana reduction is great. And with Seshat and Kingston in the team I already have two great (semi-)snipers. When I put Mitsuko in I would put her on the right flank and move Kingston to the right wing. Small note; Mitsuko will get one extra emblem once I have enough food and iron. What should I do?

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My defense includes Mitsuko at +15 on Guin’s flank. I have only dropped out of diamond once in the last year. I’ve had my defense win 6 in a row when I’m off line and was starting at around 2700 cups.

So she is a very nice defender. Mitsy is I think better in defense than Marj. But either way, I’d be very surprised if that defense didn’t keep you comfortably in diamond



I wake up above 2600 cups every morning, and Mitsy helped a lot to consolidate this behavior :wink:

Very good move @Brainwave :love_you_gesture:

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I am sure if you raid above 2800-2900 cups and log off you wake up below 2600…
if you stay around 2600-2700 then there is no to little drop.

If you do use Mitsuko, I definitely agree to put her on the flank and move Kingston to wing.

I understand why flank is preferred for Kingston – so he can trigger the attack drop earlier – but Mitsuko on wing is a terrible choice, so better have Kingston on wing instead where he’s still solid in that spot.

This is really good synergy, as Guin and Mitsuko both reduce mana. That’s a huge setback on charging skills to the targets that get hit by both Guinevere -> Mitsuko :+1:


Absolutely agree with you. Mitsuko in flank and Kingston on the wing. This combo is great synergy between Guin and Mitsuko.

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I use her at tank and it keeps me in diamond but I don’t have Guin or the team you do. TBH you could put nashgar in as red and you’d be fine…lol

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