Marjana or Azlar

I’m approaching a dilemma. Primary everything team is Hel 4-55, Magni 4-56, Lianna 4-56, and Vivica 3-70. Most of the time I’m using Boldtusk as my 5th 4-70-7. However, I have an opportunity to use one last Tome on Marjana 3-70 or wait on Azlar 3-2. I like the speed and power of Marjana, but I feel my team is a little too fast and sniper heavy. Hel is the only hero that can hit multiple targets at once. Thoughts?

Ciao. I have both, and my suggestion is: go with Marjana. She is even good in defence, and in offence having 3 sniper is nice because you can target the most dangerous enemies one by one and fire them.
Azlar is strong but slow, most of the times I use him he dies before firing his special.


Az @70 for map, quests and events, Marja for everything…

I’ll deviate from the usual response. If you have Wilbur, go and max Azlar and team them up with your Boldtusk with or without another fire hero. The total damage output is amazing. My fire team makes quick work against any green-tanked enemy, the fastest you could decimate green-tanked enemies with consistency. Marjana has a base attack of 669 with her 458% skill damage multiplier only has the maximum potential damage of 3064.02 to only one target, while Azlar has a base attack of 793 and factor the 205% skill damage multiplier will give you a damage of 1625.65 per living enemy hero, so if there are 5 standing enemy heroes, the total damage output Azlar would dish out is 8128.25; for 4 standing enemy heroes, Azlar dishes a total of 6502.6 damage; for 3 standing enemy heroes, Azlar would yield 4876.95; and for 2 standing enemy, Azlar would dish out a total of 3251.3.

Azlar may be slow, but offensively and partnered with several ideal fire heroes (in my case, Ares, Wilbur and Mitsuko for some degree of mana control, I have Alberich for some degree of safety net), most of your battles against enemy green tanks would be the shortest you could experience.

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Marjana 2000000000000 chars

I would go marjana. Fast sniper not much of them in red.

Azlar although is also very good in combo with Wilbur and emblem him will up his dot a bit.

It’s a difficult choice but I would go for Marjana you will love her.

When 12 rings you can do both :wink:

My thoughts exactly. It’s all about tomes for me. They’ve been hard to come by. I decided to go with Marjana.

Thanks for the input

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