Marjana costum stats

Anyone else think with her new skill it should have been more defensive based with her stats. I don’t understand why they gave her more attack and less. Health and defense with a more defensive skill. That kinda ■■■■■■ me off I wanted to use her as a tank. Why would they do that??!! :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin:

Her costume has a red elemental debuff so she is now a great option for events and titans where the attack stat is very important for higher scores.

Costumed Marjana doesn’t belong on a defence team (unless it’s a raid tournament where blues are not allowed and you go with mono-ish red on defence). She deals less damage and the elemental debuff part of her special is wasted when there are no other reds on the team.

Yes, but most wars opponents use all one color against the defender. So ice would be preferred to hit her and she would make them hit with less. And the team would be protected.

Well, to be fair, in wars attackers would not use blue heroes for all 6 flags. So even if they go mono (which is not certain either), they could attack other teams with their blue stack and use other colours for your team on another flag.

I don’t tank Snipers. Nor would I tank a hero who’s best special is elemental debuff. Guardian Panther, Frida, Evelyn, king Arthur…none of them would I tank. Marjana is designed for what she’s best at IMO

She has attack down for ice. I think that’s what they’re going for.

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Exactly. The other guy obviously didn’t read all the skills

Maybe keep reading? Lol all ice get attack decrease.

LOL. A counter argument may also be proffered: Why would you make her your tank when she isn’t designed as such and her costume base stats were already made known from the beta beat.

If you don’t want her, could you send her my way? Please. I want to semi-retire my 3 Falcons and she is a perfect fit for my monored teams so I can use my main mana troop to other heroes.

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Did you already have her with emblems prior to Costume? How do the different class trees effect nodes selected?

It’s basically the same besides the last 2 nodes.

She has more attack power because she is a one-eye rogue in her pasa doble costume. Other snipers of her time like Joon, Magni and Sartana increase attack power, Marjana was reduced from 458 to 358 (not typo). Being one-eyed, she also beats neighbors fo the target but half price. She is pretty woman in lady in red!!

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