Marjana 3/70 vs Kelile 4/70

I have a dilemma , waiting for rings & D blade to max Marjana 3/70 is she better than Kelile max. Kelile is at 3/60, should I wait or max Kelile.? Thanks.

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Id wait. For sure.
20 char.

Is Marjana, a red 5*, better than Kelile, a red 4*? Yes of course. They’re both red heroes with similar specials (fast single strikers), so of course the 5* is better than the 4* when both at max.

Which one to ascend first, depends in my opinion really about the materials you still need for Marjana… how many mystics rings do you still need? Since you’re also needing a Damascus blade, I suspect you don’t have a lot of rings yet either… and if that’s true, then I would absolutely go with Kelile first, and by the time you’ve got the 6 needed mystic rings and your Damascus blade, you will most likely have gathered another 4 hidden blades as well. And in the meantime, you will have use of a maxed Kelile.

Reading over your question again… what I think you’re actually asking, whether to take Marjana to 3/70, or Kelile to 4/70. Is that right?

That’s a much trickier question to answer. At those levels:

  • Kelile has higher attack points - 675 vs Marjana with 562. This means higher tile damage with Kelile.
  • Marjana will be a bit harder to kill, with higher health (1181 vs Kelile’s 935) despite being lower in defense (Marjana 599/Kelile 686). The net difference I think will not be huge - there’s people here who know the math involving defense and damage better than I do, who might have a more exact answer to that. But in my estimation Marjana will have a slight edge here.
  • Assuming you get the special skill of both to 8/8, Marjana’s special will dish out more damage initially as it’s 458% * 562 = 2574, compared to Kelile with 320% * 675 = 2160. (Before the enemy’s defense is factored in obviously, you’re not really doing that kind of damage in battle. This just shows the difference between them.)
  • However, Kelile’s damage over time after the special’s initial hit will be higher (360 over 6 turns for Kelile, and less than 300 over 6 turns for Marjana - I don’t remember how much less it is at 3/70).

Overall I think they will be in the same ballpark, and even their special is rather similar. No real wrong choice here in my opinion. But I think Kelile will be cheaper and easier to get to 4/70 (fewer feeder heroes/resources required, so will be faster too), than Marjana is to get to 3/70. Based on that, I would still recommend to go with Kelile first.


I’d spend 4 blades now to max Kelile. By the time you get blade and rings you’ll collect more blades for Marjana. So, end of the day, you’ll have both maxed.

I’m looking from a long term view, is it better in raid with Marjana at 3/70 or Kelile 4/70 ?
I need 1 ring + 1 D blade.
I don’t want to waste food and hidden blade x4, for Kelile because I will have to eventually replace her with Marjana. They play very similar role, but she’s always the 1st to die.
Team line up is. GM, Boltusk, Wilbur, Lancelot, Kelile (3/70).
Left to right.
I know AI tend to be random, but from experience they go from left to right mostly…
My question is: should I max Kelile or replace her with Marjana at 3/70.

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My example of just wait. Maxed Sumi, then pulled Azlar.
Ascended Richard, pulled Magni.

I have some success against top 100, but feel Marjana 3/70 would be better than Kelile max.

In the vids Kelile is at 3/70.

A lot of player say that 4* max are better than 5* @ 3/70, Lianna is a good example. Seem single shooter don’t fair well, because they have to be max to maximise atk damage, where as GM you just get his special to 8/8, and he’s handy @3/70.
When I’m looking Kelile against Marjana, I feel Kelile is better short term, but how long do you have to wait for D Blade, 1 months, 2 months?

Look for calendar of rare quests. Farholme pass. But I think next one has tome.

Strictly in that context, again I don’t think there’s much between them, but I would then choose Marjana. The reasons for that is that in raids I would generally value special damage more than tile damage, and initial damage more than damage over time, so this favors Marjana. And on top of that she’s slightly more survivable, also not unimportant in raids.

That’s a lot of red!

I’m not sure it’s all random, but the AI sure is simple minded. It actually does always fire specials blindly from left to right when there’s more than 1 special charged. But this is on defense, so not so relevant for an attack team because it’s not AI controlled.

So strictly in the context “which is best long term for raids” like I mentioned above, I would say go with Marjana.

Not sure if you participate in wars also, but if you do of course there is need for many heroes there, and in that case you can probably make good use of both for a long time.

Yeah I think you’re exactly right to evaluate that based on specific heroes. In my experience a 5* at 3/70 is generally in the same ballpark as a 4* at 4/70; maybe more of the time the 4* might be preferable. But looking at specific cases I might sometimes favor the 4*, sometimes the 5*, and so I would never just automatically assume the 4* is better.

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They are practically the same, but if they are the same, since in the future you will raise marjana, because it is good, if you raise it to 3/70 you will have an advance job.


@ChoppedLiver & @Ber Thankyou very much, I will wait, look like Kelile will stay as 3/60. I have Zim to be level along with Victor, and few other 5* .

@Rook please close the thread, thanks.

Man in Black voice Aaass youuu wishhh! :wink:

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