Marine Corps Devil Dogs Alliance Seeking Members


Marine Coros Devil Dogs

I created a new alliance for any players who want to join ha USMC Veterans alliance.

I’ve been working on my first Titan by myself and could really use the help!!

Marine Corps Devil Dogs

Hi, I am a new player (level 8) and I’m enjoying the fun! I created an alliance and I was hoping there were some USMC vets who would like to join?? I know I’m probably asking a lot, as the majority player population is probably under 18 or at least under 21 or so.

But I’m an oldie, who just wants to have some diversionary fun. I’ve been under quarantine for the last 3 weeks, and don’t see an end date any time soon. I found this game while browsing the Apple Apps and thought it would be a good way to keep myself occupied before I start climbing the walls.

I’d like my alliance to be casual, fun, and enjoyable.

Anyone interested?

USMC Loopy Devil Dog


Hello @Loopy,

I haven’t been under quarantine, but I have previously been house bound by a major injury. I was wondering if you’d like to join a friendly group chat on Line for a bit of distraction? Line is a chat app that many players use. Let me know if you’re interested!

Also - average game age is much higher than you’d expect! majority of players are in their 30-50s it seems. :smile:


30’s -50’s? Really? That surprises me!

Yes, I’d like to join the chat. Please send me info

Thank you for reaching out, I really appreciate it.


:+1: Great!

I don’t know if you have Line already, but you can grab it on the app store for free. You can run it off your computer, or a mobile device. Once you’re signed up use my id : AmberCoppersky to search for me and then send me a quick message. The pic that will show for me is a cute animal thing.

I look forward to chatting with you, and there’ll be lots of others to talk game talk or social!


Mandanglo in the house! Hello all


thank you for helping Mandanglo out, Coppersky. Mandanglo is one of our
more active and heavy hitters.



I’m 36 so I guess I fit in that range