Marie Therese's zombies - war, raids & farm

Hey guys.

I’ve got several questions about Marie Therese’s (MT) zombies.

1. War
MT in defense team.
She casts special skill, and all the defense team rise as zombies.
Then MT dies and zombies kill all the attacking team.
So at then end of the fight there’s only zombies in defense and offense team in dead.

Who wins?
I suppose it should be a clean shot, and a win for attacking team. Am I right?

2. Raids
MT is in attacking team.
At the end of the fight there’s only zombies in attacking team and all the defense team is dead.

Who wins?
I suppose it should be a defeat for attacking team.
Just like it is when both teams die in a raid.

3. Farm
Here I actually have the answer =)
Zombies do win a fight when it’s PvE.

Thanks for your feedback.
I’d really like to hear from anyone who’s not guessing but knows for sure =)


I think you’re right when it comes to raids and farming but war is a little more interesting. I think in your scenario the attack team would definitely win if it were a cleanup. With MN or Alby if you go in for a cleanup with just them, even if their special fires and they resurrect others, you still only have to kill MN or Alby to win. I’m not sure how Zombies would work. My guess would be that the attack team would definitely win in cleanup situations and also woth initial hits. Muggy users might have already experience with this.

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Well, zombies can’t stay in a defense team, can they…
I mean after attacking team is dead in a war.

Regarding Muggy - YES, that’s exactly the case!
All we have to do is find an alliance with 3* heroes in war defense )))

I believe that the attacker wins the raid; as the zombies still have positive health and are playable by the attacker.

This I am not sure of. I’ve never seen a Muggy in war. My guess would be that the attacker loses. The zombies would revert back to the underlying heroes and those heroes would be given the same percentage of HP that the zombies had at the end of the previous battle. For example:

MN - Magni - MT - Poseidon - Gravemaker is the defense. MT casts, dies, and the attacker dies with the following remaining:
Zombie (50%) - Dead - Dead - Zombie(10%) - Zombie(100%)

I would assume the next hit would have to face:
MN (50%)- dead - dead - Poseidon(10%) - Gravemaker(100%)
and the points allotted to the failed attempt would be calculated as if you only took the team from full health to the end result.

Just my guess, though.


Kikyo, thanks for the version, mate!
Highly unbelieveable though…

Can I have any official comments on this?
Maybe from someone from Beta?


No problem :). I searched the beta forums for any reference to using MT in war defense and found none, unfortunately.

That doesn’t preclude someone else from knowing, though!

Well I just used 3 raid flasks trying MT on multiple raids, and what I learned is this:

If my offense was strong enough to win, MT’s zombie powers didn’t matter as much as her heal over time which kept my heroes alive and prevented them from all being zombies.
If my offense was weak enough that the heroes all got zombified or died, I lost the battle anyway :rofl:

SO my experiment not much help unfortunately. I’ll look for a defense with her this war, and see if I can force the issue. My assumption is the same as @Kikyo though


Sorry for carrying out this old thread, but it looks like the answer for MT in wars has not been given.

Does anyone know how it will work when you are loosing a fight in war against a team of MTs zombies?

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I suspect it’s a win for the attacker, as the heroes are dead. You can’t give the hero back more health than they had when the battle began, nor do resurrected heroes that were dead reappear (yes, I tested this once). Anything like that would lead to point issues.

I’ve seen her on defense in a war exactly once… and one shot the team. So the only way to find out is to put her on defense and have communication with the other team to find out if this highly unlikely event occurs.

This was posted

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OK, I couldn’t find a better place to put this so I felt like this would be the place. After using Marie Thérèse, fully emblemed, for nearly a year, I have yanked all of her emblems. The fix for her, it finally dawned on me, is super simple and I wish SG would just do it.

Every other hero that has slow mana heals immediately and not over time. Even Rafaele does a combo of this. By the time you get a slow zero charged you need the full force of their ability to take affect. When Marie finally fires, she is often debuffed quickly, or the healing is coming over time and is insufficient to do the team any good. This is such an amazingly obvious oversight. If this were corrected tomorrow, and her healing occurred immediately, You were definitely increase universal use of this hero. She is a fun hero, so that would make the game more interesting. Unfortunately, I fear this comment will fall on deaf ears. After using her for months because I just really liked her look, and unique skill, I finally had to acknowledge that it just wasn’t worth playing her anymore. SG, PLEASE FIX HER!

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