Marie-Thérèse's Zombie Mode - HP Incorrect?

As stated here: 🏴‍☠ Pirates of Corellia: Marie-Thérèse – Thoughts & Discussion

With lvl 26 4* mana troop: poision%20bite

One thing that surprised me tho was the HP of the Zombie-Hero. Why is the HP lower than Marie-Therese’s base HP?! I tested her at 1/1 with 632 HP. So shouldn’t the Zombie-hero have at least 632 HP as well since it says “100% health”?

It seems like Marie’s Zombie mode HP is not calculated correctly?
Her special states that Zombies spawn with 100% health. I tested my 1/1 Marie with the following stats: 376 / 351 / 632 (ATT / DEF / HP).

However, as you can see in the picture above, her Zombie only had 474 HP. How can it be lower than her base HP stat? Imo with a 4* mana troop (which doesn’t give additional HP) the Zombie’s minion HP should be 632.

Btw: Yes, it is a screenshot of Marie’s zombie.


I am also confused about this, and slightly disappointed. I believed it to be 100% of the original Hero’s health upon originally reading it.

Just fought her and it is fun on a bun! Where’s muggy at?! He aint spooked by her power!!

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So you have unleveled Marie level 1.1?
How is the skill written on skill level 1/8 ? Is it 100%?

Thought about that too. Yes it’s written 100% at 1/1 as well.


Update: I submitted a support ticket and SG is currently investigating the potential bug. :slight_smile:


Did you get an answer from SG?

Yeah, they’re still investigating the potential issue. :slight_smile: No update on any results so far.

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With that, i’m still think, I take her to the top or not
I dunno

already received an answer?

No :slight_smile: I’ll keep you posted as soon as I receive an answer.

I think she’s interesting on offense. I have her at 3/70 and am not sure either whether she’s worth the tabards vs. 2nd Hel. Not overly impressed by her yet. Will test more.

Just a random thought, but her skill level is at 1. Could that be what is causing the health decrease when she revives? And is it possible that the health she has when she revives as a zombie increases the more her skill is leveled up? :thinking:

I know that the description of the skill still says that it’s 100% health, but since we’re looking at a bug here, I thought I’d throw that out as a possibility

First of all: Congrats on becoming a mod! :tada: :slight_smile:

And yes, that was one possible explanation that I came up with as well. I have her special skill at 8/8 at 3/70 and will test it again when I find some time today. :slight_smile: Will keep you all posted here.


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