Marie Therese's zombie effect resurrected hero during war

I hit an opposing team that had MT. She fired her special against me, and on the next turn I killed Vivica with tiles. My team then was killed and the match ended. I went to the war map overscreen and not only is Vivica alive, but she’s at full health. I’ve never seen this happen before.

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Thanks, Ultra. At the bottom of that thread Guvnor posted that that issue was resolved in v35, implying it was indeed a bug

" Fixed a rare issue where a zombie might resurrect as it’s original hero form for no reason after death."

So either that’s referring to a specific but somewhat different edge case, or there it’s a regression issue. It’d be no different imo if Shadereave’s Draugrs reverted back to full health heroes after a successful defense.

Which they do. As do Muggy’s frogs.

The issue that was fixed was different, involving heroes spontaneously resurrecting at full health after their new form had been killed during raids and tournaments.

I’m reading in this thread Shadereave resurrection vs draugr that Guvnor seems to think it’s a different issue that has yet to be addressed. You seem unsure there too whether that design was intentional. Would be curious to hear what @Petri can add to this issue since it appears to keep cropping up.

I’m unsure what the proper thing to do when you kill the hero but not the new form in war. I personally don’t think the current solution (no damage to hero) is fair, but I also don’t think the hero should be marked as dead.

To my knowledge we’ve never gotten a dev response on this. I think it’s so uncommon that they’d rather just ignore it. There’s only 3 heroes that do it, and none are even close to top tier.

But it’s an issue that keeps popping up and should at least get a response IMO.


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