Marie Therese zombie bug – “Nearby” Splash Damage Doesn’t Hit Adjacent Enemies

At stage 10 boss fight, she fired her skill to her and Boomer, after killing both the resurrection for both happens as intended.
But my grim and guardian falcon, both fired the „splash“ special skill out and hitted only one target!

Please check and repair.

This sounds like it’s related to [KNOWN ISSUE] Marie-Thérèse Zombie Mode Hit Box Incorrect. When the bosses are turned into zombies, they do not take up as much space on the screen. Since there is a gap between them, they are not “nearby,” so those special skills will hit one or the other, but not both.

@zephyr1 what do you think - should this get merged in, or am I jumping too far on my conclusion?


It’s very possible that it’s related or the same bug.

I think it’s worth keeping them separate for the moment, to make sure this isn’t overlooked, but I’ll add a link to here in the top post of the other thread. Thanks!


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