Marie Thérèse revive with 100% health in war

Hello, thid war i Just kill Marie Thérèse after she activates her power. So she returns as à zombie next turn. I ‘ve been killed two turn after and the zombie of Marie Thérèse was 10% health.
I was really surprised to see in the remaining team Marie Thérèse back to life with 100% life !
I think it’ s à bug

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Unfortunately I do not think this is a bug. I believe it has to do with this (below) thread & the way “revives” work in wars.

Has to do with the “zombies” and “revived” heroes not actually being “heroes”. The default for heroes who are “revived” during a war battle is for them to return to the status they were when you started a hit

E.g. if you go into a fight & it’s just Mother North left & she revives 4 heroes & you die. The 4x dead heroes will be dead for the next cleanup & the flag basically just gets a big-ol-zero.

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