Marie-Therese in war

Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not. I’ve tried to find this answer all over but cannot find it. There’s a lot of mixed feeling about Marie-Therese, but I love her. I’ve been wondering what happens in this scenario:

I use her on my war defense team and my team wins about 50/50. I’m wondering if my team wins after she has spawned zombies and some of those zombies are still “alive” at the end, what happens to those zombies after if my team wins? Do they revert back to the normal hero or are they dead at the end?

Been wondering the same about Heimdals Hitpoints Buff or Fredyas minions -

Could be wrong, but I don’t think her zombies stick around, friend had her maxed and they didn’t appear to show up on the war map as viable targets — assumes they poof are the end of the turn because it’s not a real rez

(Similar to Cheshire rearranging your team)

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