Marie Therese along with her costume . Is she worthy being ascended?

Is she worth the time and energy ?

No…but yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Largely if I had Marie I could honestly not ever see using her outside of Rush, which then leads into a serious consideration, if she only has value in Rush and nothing more is she worth even wasting materials on?

For myself I prefer heroes I can legitimately see me using in most aspects of the game, Zhuge is already pushing it for me as far as levelling, Marie would be a hard “no” for me.

It depends on your roster and playstyle, I would max and use her in costumed version.


You do not need 20 characters to tell you NO

I have her, and have had her for a while. But have not done anything at all with her. She still sits at 1/1.
I never see her in either war or raids …… so she will sit on the bench until she gets a decent buff.
Unfortunately SG are releasing new stronger heroes at speed - leaving many old S1, HOTM and event heroes sat forever on the bench waiting.
It will get worse when S5 is launched - so hopefully SG will do something about rebalancing


I’m maxing mine out and going to emblem her health and shield path.

She’s a healer and a good healer with excess health capability who also does damage.

I’ve also got Mal and Thoth who increase mana speed so that’s a winner in my eyes.

If she gets a buff on top of the costume buff then happy days.

A lot depends really. She’s a pain but not deadly at all. And the zombies she creates are so darn weak.




I ascended her just because she’s fun to play with. If you have better options, I would go with them.

I love my MT but I’m still pretty new to the game so I don’t have a lot of 5* heroes. The indespellable healing and defense has saved me a lot.


I maxed C. M-T before puling Diaochan, and now I’m finishing embleming both of them. I also have Quartz maxed, so that’s me as far as 5* purple healers go.

Diaochan is clearly my best healer, but I don’t regret maxing M-T by no means. She synergizes well with other health boosters, her damage is useful, specially when she’s soloing 1 or 2 heroes. This recent buff made her even more viable.

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I would ascend her in a heartbeat! But it depends how your current collection is, I guess :slight_smile: Congratulations on getting her! :beers:


She is the defensive version of heimdall

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I just got her and I will be maxing her. But for me, she is a useful hero. I don’t have much in 5* healers (Viv and Ariel), and she will be my second overhealer (in costume). The first is Grevle. She will likely also find a place on my holy titan team.

I’ll probably never use her without costume though.

I’m ascending her (costume version) for war defense. Undispellable overheal is quite useful. And zombies are good for wars, as they are revived befre next fight, so for wars it is almost as good as reviver. And I have neither MN nor Alby.

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Good point about wars. My only other “reviver” is Muggy.

I’d personally prefer SG to delete heroes when possible and give players a choice of not quite so underpowered heroes to trade up to. This might not work so well in the case of Marie Therese as she appears in the story.

What are you going on about?

If heroes are rarely used, clear out the chaff. There are more than enough heroes for players to try to keep track of.

This would be my personal preference.

I really disagree with that.