🏴‍☠ Marie-Thérèse – 5* Dark/Purple from Pirates of Corellia

Why delete her damage? If it’s not necessary enough to matter then it should be left alone. I have her at +20 going attack all the way which approximates aoe 1,439.76 damage. That puts her at around #40 for all aoe hitters. Not huge, but every bit makes a difference. Not disagreeing here on all points. But, turning her into pure support would be a mistake imo.

Also, as her zombie revive is the least beneficial aspect of her special I don’t believe anyone should be holding her special. She should always get lit every time she is ready.

Thanks for feedback. My intention was to change her a tiny bit. I dont want people telling me “yeah enni wants to overpower his heroes”.

And of course she sits on 3 70 in my roster, I am honest. But she wont be maxed in her current style.

I agree that she may keep her damage, why not? And to fit it better to her playstyle:

  • Change her damage to “deals 412 poison damage over 5 rounds”


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Personally I feel like she’s one of the few event heroes to be designed for the event more than anything else. She just won’t die in the events because her skills are for tanking and when her party dies, they’re turned into zombies. She’s annoying to deal with if you’re playing for the score

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Yeah I hate that. She is one of those who could be so much fun. You could do so freaking much awesome stuff with her.

Maybe giving the zombies 1500 defense instead of 500 (yeah thats right. The zombies have less defense than 3star shrubbear).

This would so instantly make her an okay tank, because if she fired once and summons a zombie, it would eat a lot of time until you got that undead [random swear word] down.

At least she should be in the pool of buffing, maybe only slightly to see how it gets.

Even khagan was buffed… i dont really see a logic here.

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Yep, taking the path towards buffing zombies would be great.
That special skill from zombies, even when is extra fast, is just a joke, together with just 500 attack is just silly.

Speaking here about buffing my dear Marie, while heroes like Noor or Boss Wolf wasnt buffed meanwhile, which is just… pathetic, i know.

I think it would be even more fun if the zombies had like 200 defense, very low HP, but a very high attack instead. To the point they would hit for like 350-450 in a single slash attack and 600-700 for their poison bite.

Can someone test what happens when you pare her with MN? Does mother North then revive a zombie or a hero?

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I have some questions.

  • Does Zombie Blessing work in Bloody Battle ?
  • Can Zombie receive Zombie Blessing buff ? If yes, does that mean they can reborn again and again as long they have Zombie Blessing buff ?
  • Does Zombie Blessing overwrite Muggy buff and Tyr’s revive buff ?
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After costume bonus buff - 08/04/2024
Emblems are full Defence>HP for the costumed path

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If the zombie is dead it revives a hero

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