Margret worth keeping a second copy of?

Just pulled Margret for the second time, is she worth keeping? Got a number of un-levelled Green 5* so do I hang on to her or feed her to someone

basically the rule of thumb is to never feed away a 5* unless you have a ton of them and no room. The amount of xp you get feeding them away is not worth it. You never know what buildings they will release, or if they will eventually allow trading within alliances. Save them. If you really need the room, spend some gems and up the max amount you can store.

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Keep her. She might be of use once the Hero Academy introduced.

I believe the voice for Margaret will be like she’s gonna drive you to be frustrated
She’s my 2nd 5 after kadlin I’m playing since 7 months and I spent nearly 100$ for nothing
I have a tons of duplicated 4* hero’s
4 Sonya
3 tiburtus
2 Scarlett
2 Colin’s
2 Wu
2 Merlin
And others
I have only 1 healer Melendor
I got Kirill since afew days only
The only 5* I see she gonna be with main team is sartan so I can’t see a fit place for Margaret especially after I try her with more than a100 game.
Offense or defense the probabilities within​ possibilites seem to be so rare to get her skills
I wrote a topics before short time asking for changing in her skills
I will take a print of her do some modify for voting

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