Margaret's SS not dodging friendly fire

When I am levelling heroes, I use those heroes on my raid team…Currently working on Inari, Margaret, and Mok-Arr…When I use Mok’s SS with Inari’s and Margaret’s SS active, Inari will initiate a dodge…Margaret has never initiated he dodge…I know her special is dependent on the ammount of damage, but it says she has a 20% chance to dodge ANY damage…She has never dodged, just wondering if she was programmed to dodge ally damage…Thanks for taking the time to read this…

??? My Margaret dodges and helps her neighbors dodge too, you sure? I may be misunderstanding.

She works fine when others attack…i was referring to using Mok-Arr’s SS, it damages your team…theoretically, Margaret would give herself and neighbors a chance to dodge the damage inflicted by Mok-Arr…Inari’s SS will dodge this damage, but Mags will not

It may just be bad luck… hard to say without any concrete data though whether this is a bug or not.

How many runs have you done with Mok-Arr + Margaret?

It may be worth using someone like Boldtusk or Wu Kong to boost Mok-Arr’s damage, as that should increase the dodge rate for Margaret’s buff.


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