Margaret versus Kingston [solved]

If i attack Opponent with Margaret - and his Kingston hits Margaret and her buff let him miss then there neighbours get minus Attack ?

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It all depends on whether the nearby enemy heroes dodge it through Margaret’s skill.

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He is a single hitter and if he Hit Margaret and she is miss the Atk then the negativ staus allignment should miss the neighbours too cause its his Special Attack wich is miss and so the neighbours should be save from negativ

No, each effect on each hero must be missed individually.

It’s why with someone like Sonya with her special you can miss the damage & then miss only some of the dispells.

You’ll find its Working as intended and NOT a bug.


Thank you sir.

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Let me try to explain Sonja is a Single Hitter if if she is miss the Phy.Attack on margaret the Dispell is a take away Boni from all after all.

If Hel,Grave,Athena hits 3 Heroes (And Nearby Heroes) let say say
Margaret - and Margaret Buff is activated the Calculation begins on each 3 but if missed on Margaret then the Burn Status from Gravemaker never ever will be set or the Mana block from Hel…

The Kingston Attack is missed and he will ever Give the Negative Statusallignment cause he is a Single Hitter and not a nearby Hitter… MARGARET nearby Protection is not effected its like her nearby heroes take the always they cannot swipe

I hope i could verify where its unclear if it intendet like this cause it not so clear really.

I did many Matches with Margaret and believe never ever the neg.status. Allignment was miss on her protected neighbours

Here i recorded the “always” “Bug” they cannot Miss Kingston cause he is a Single Hitter…

It’s definitely not a bug.

The card description (in English) for Margaret clearly states that the chance to dodge is only for special attacks that do damage.

Kingston’s special skill secondary effect is to apply the attack debuff which does not fall under Margaret’s dodge parameters.

Edit: I looked at the card for my own Margaret & Kingston, just posted the Wiki for convenience and not wanting to take a screenshot.

Look at the video why is Margaret not get the negativ Status Allignment cause she wiped out the Damage … if you try to explain me thats this is not a bug it looks for me like a bug.

Kingston is failing on his Single Attack (Dodged) so the 2nd Attack should not affecting on Nearbys normally cause the 2nd Attack like you described „ Minus Attack“ is not on Margaret look and see …

Attack is missed on margaret - Margaret ist not getting physically dmg and no negative status allignments watch the video if you say thats not a bug then i should contact smallgiant directly cause for me it looks like a bug.

The Explanation i found now - Kingston is not really a single Hitter nor i.e. Alasie.

If Kingston or Alasie attacks a active Margaret
The nearby Heroes get a physically Zero Hit and get the Negative Status Alignments…

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