Margaret’s dodge doesn’t work with Aegir

I just lost a tournament battle due to this bug. I had Aegir’s skill up, so my heroes were sharing damage. Margaret has also fired. A sniper took a shot at Margaret and the dodge animation activated with the dodge text, however all my heroes took damage and 3 died.

This is not a bug - same thing happens with Black Knight and Wilbur - enemies attack Black Knight, he gets just a flesh wound (1 dmg), but all others receive their share of damage.


I believe this is the same situation as when damage share is used with Black Knight.

The dodge component will only affect the bit that is portion directly damaging Margaret (or whoever else has the dodge buff up)… An odd order of operations thing:

  1. sniper fires
  2. if blinded/ low accuracy this is parsed first
  3. if damage share active, damage % is divided out among all members
  4. if secondary effect is present this is parsed now (Flesh Wound, Dodge, Rogue Talent etc…)

It’s a bit silly IMO but has been stated as working as intended previously…

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Well I would call that an intentional bug then. How can zero damage be shared? A dodge attack should be dodged. Black knight makes sense as there was a hit, but with a dodge, there is no hit


I feel like Black Knight’s version makes more sense but it’s more than silly that Margaret dodge would have the damage spread among the team. A dodged attack should have no impact. Even if they meant to design it this way it’s not at all clear and doesn’t even really make sense.

It makes lots of sense especially if you check how other skills work with damage sharing spells (Aegir, Wilbur etc). Basically, damage sharing is kicked before any other effect, and that explains how Aegir and Wilbur diminish riposte and life stealing effects.

For example, when Leonidas hits a target that shares the damage with 4 other targets, the damage is first distributed evenly across all 5 targets, and then life-stealing is counted based on the damage dealt to the original target. This way, Leonidas steals 5 times less life than without damage sharing spells.

Applying the same thing to Margaret, if she is used with damage sharing heroes, her special becomes much less useful, because since damage is shared and dodge percent depends on the amount of damage, she and nearby heroes will dodge much less. For snipers, we’re looking at 90% rate without damage sharing and 30% with damage sharing.

Do not use Margaret with Aegir or Wilbur.

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It may make sense with established code, but not in the game from trying to mimic humans. A dodged attack and a missed attack should by synonymous. If the attacker misses, no damage occurs. In a shared sense, how does an arrow that completely missed the target cause damage to allies?

I realize that it makes sense from a technical standpoint, but it doesn’t make sense from a non-technical stand point. If something has to be explained in detail for people to be like oh okay then it’s a counter-intuitive design which will very frequently confuse people. If they’ve made a conscious decision to make it that way, it’d be nice if you could reasonably expect to know that’s how it will work just by reading the special ability text. So even if the behavior isn’t a bug the fact that a large percentage of players need an explanation outside of game to understand how a common mechanic works feels like a bug.

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The question is whether this is intended by the developers or not.

Let’s imagine Aegir’s ability as a magic shield that covers entire team of 5 heroes and basically splits all incoming arrows into 5 smaller arrows.
If an enemy shoots at someone in the team and misses, the arrow won’t even reach the team, so no damage will be done at all.
But if enemy doesn’t miss, then Aegir’s spell splits the arrow in 5. Then your Margaret dodges, but other teammates can’t and they get damaged.

That’s how Aegir’s magic (i.e game code) works.

Still doesn’t make much sense, Aegir’s card says “share received damage” not “share damage that could be potentially received”. Margaret dodging shouldn’t have anything to share, unless dodge means getting slapped in the face and if it hurts enough you can decide to evade it after the fact. I get that damage needs to be calculated to know the chance of dodge but none should be applied imho.

If your logic is applied, Aegir would have shared damage received from DoT.

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