Margaret Problem "Skills vs Talent"

I think I found something is not understand about Margaret again, look and compare

1- her skills is dodge from 20 to 90% of special skills
2- She is Rogue class so her Talent in the Grid is a chance of 4% dodge for special skills
so there is a conflict between skills and talent

what this 4% means ?

  • An extra dodge like 24-94%?
  • It’s included the 20-90%
    -I t’s sometimes 4% and some other 20-90%

Talent board is to add additional skills for the hero while in Mag is nothing NEW!
she dodge only for special skills damage (Skills and Talent)

Maybe I understood wrong , can you please explain to me what’s the different ?

Those capabilities are different.

Her special skill dodge:

  • Is active only when she goes off,
  • Affects two neighbors,
  • Works only for skills that do direct damage so for example she never dodges Proteus or Kunchen,
  • Has lower probability to dodge skills with low direct damage e.g. GM who does most damage by DoT (burning).

Her class talent:

  • Is permanent,
  • Gives a chance to dodge any skill including those which don’t deal any damage e.g. Proteus,
  • But with lower probability i.e. 4% for each developed node, max 20% at +15.

And you have two separate rolls. If the first ability to dodge fails you get a second chance with the second ability. I think that’s pretty cool.


I’d actually prefer the reverse order, since her special gives mana…

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