Margaret – New May 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

Hmmm… So you’re not a fan :confounded:

I pulled Maggie… She’s just sitting on my bench cheering everyone else. :wink:

Too early to say, I have Inari but she’s been underwhelming compared to the hype before she came out.
It was a knew jerk reaction, regretting it because she could be useful in hero academy but I really really hated myself for doing those additional pulls.

3/70 is a good place to camp her and test to see if she deserves the tonics. Only way to tell is by using her with other heroes and seeing if she suits your game play.


I was lucky and got her…in fact my luck has been great as I have gotten every HOTM this year. I like her and will soon be leveling her up. Plus, she has my name! Lol


So all I know is I cant wait to lvl her and have her paired with evelynn and tarlak they will kill all the titans her and tarlak have crazy high attack then add in Evelyn special… ohhhh yeah

She will be an offensive powerhouse vs teams that stack snipers.


Ouch! If you pull another you will eventually forget this…

Margaret’s tile damage is immense.

Speaking of tile damage monsters (since you mentioned her):
I have Inari maxed and she is an absolute beast even if she keels over dead from the slightest breeze. Great for stacks, certainly needs emblems to become tough enough to use in more situations. It doesn’t help that on map levels only bosses have mana specials so her special is nullified until the final stage. She is for raids and Titans.

I pulled Margaret 2x and can’t wait to start feeding her. I have Inari as well so I know how she can be a bit underwhelming at times, but when she does her thing, it’s pretty awesome.

I am thinking Margaret is the same way, you need to keep her alive long enough so she can help keep your team alive so they can do the killing. I plan to pair her with Tarlak, Evelyn, Lianna and Hansel so hopefully we can see some fireworks.

Ouch. Save unwanted 5* for the hero academy.


Margaret fixed or not working correctly

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I got her and I am excited over her very fast mana, and her potential high tile damage, also I guess she would be of better use when maxed, tried her out now with special skill at 1/8 and it’s fair enough.
when maxed, she’ll be doing her tricks as flank somewhere.
Although, I have Inari but I will still max her, there is no way a “very fast” hero with that skill will be warming my bench for long , she will rise to the occasion in some attack formations.

What exactly are you seeing as a bug in that video? Margaret only provides a chance to miss attacks.


I saw that Margaret never applied her skill

But Marja dodged after Margies cast.

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Kage dispels before the damage, so in order of programming operations yes he would hit right through the dodge (except on Margaret who cant have it removed).

I’ve tested it with counterattack, kage can hit a counter attack hero and never take the counter as he removed the counter before he does the damage.


Good tanks dont punish good boards, a good board will kill any tank (not always as fast of course)

The punishment comes from bad boards, tho I still don’t see her excelling on defense in general.

On offense however she is a direct counter to the current fast hero snipers meta that a lot of teams run, yah gravemaker will still absolutely kill her, but her dodge will avoid a ton of very difficult teams (firing her then intentionally setting off enemy snipers).

She had viability, it just isn’t as varied as I would have wished.

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At 0:26 Marjana dodges Scarlett’s attack.

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No, enemies was missing, because they are blinded

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Thats great! He dispells and has good attack, paired with evelyn it should be good
Marg will help defend against reds and do some of her things :wink:

Just to be sure about working…

Marga fires and then both neighbours can duck individually? Or is it Marga ducks and the other 2 are ducking with her?

I agree with you
After I use her , for many times I changed​my opinion about her

  • her attack is very high I think it’s the max from all 821.
  • the defense against fire is 46% and linked to other nature allies and not to dispelled.
    -Mana speed …Very fast!
    -every attack from enemy for her and nearby allies during her skill is on will rise them mana wich is awesome.
  • her Dodge will safe you from loose

Maybe her defense is avarge but with her skills no need to be worry even to keep her in defense team

I’m working on her as one of my favorite

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