Margaret / Kashhrek Defence against fire... Confused!

Hi all,

Not sure if i am mistaken in my understanding or if it is a bug.

I was playing around with a green team for defence wondering how Margaret and Kashhrek go combined with their defence against fire???

Is anyone able to explain why when i have both of the below effects active:
+94% defence against Fire
+46% defence against Fire

How am i still sustaining damage from Fire???

I have looked for an answer on this within the forum so I apologise if this or similar has already been answered.


+X% defense is not the same as -X% damage.

+X% defense means that your hero’s defense stat is increased by X% when the damage source is red. That increased defense is used in the damage calculation. So damage is reduced, but not reduced to 0.


What I understand is, the display +175 defense is come only from +32% defense (Turn left: 1) = Costume Melendor.

And those elemental defense does not count in the display, because it is only applied from red, not all color, so it means, the defense against RED is hidden.

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Also worth noting that it is a defence stat modifier.

So it goes INSIDE the bracket of the indice used in the damage calculation.

It is NOT a DAMAGE modifier which is applied AFTER the full damage is calculated (e.g. Sif or black Knight).

Read more on the damage calculation here:


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