Margaret is not a performer

Im sad to say one of my accounts has 4 margarets… :frowning:

You sound lucky​:scream::scream::scream::scream:…omg

Margaret is best used with your weakest heroes or heroes that can flip the game like alby or mother north. The AI often targets your weakest hero first, so, if Margaret special is on, you can dodge it. Weaker hero = greater damage = higher chance of a dodge.

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You are asking for defense or offense?

Defense - she is best at flank after many experiments and I found she is great with tanks like Ares or QoH

Offense - flank her with 1-2 punch heroes like Evelyn-Lianna/Hansel or Jackal-Joon or the combo that @bhushan uses

She can be quite underwhelming for those who lack a deep bench and those who does not time her special correctly. However, she is very fun to use.

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I have her at 3/70 and regret going that far.


I think she is amazing hero. I haven’t lost a single raid against her, isn’t that amazing? She is super easy to take down, just send tiles to her and gain mana to shoot other heroes with specials. Dodge isn’t dangerous to my heroes nor useful opponent team, if I only use tiles where she is located. I hope to see her more often. Unfortunately she is quite uncommon, probably cause she really is useless.

I also regret leveling her 3/70. I don’t even take her to AW:s anymore, if needed I prefer Belith, Hisan or Muggy over this 5* green!

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Why are you tanking with QoH?

She draws all damage to herself and if she is able to dodge them, that makes her an extremely annoying enemy to deal with.

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Putting her at tank makes her minion really easy to deal with using tiles, and once he’s gone you’re under no obligation to attack her with her dodge and special def up. She’s a significantly better flank, IMO, if anything


As long as you know what move you will make next you don’t need to wait for the animation to finish. For example - if you are going to activate a diamond next to clear out a color you could fire her special and then touch the spot where the diamond would be while the animation is running and the diamond will still activate. The only animation that should delay your choices while fighting a titan is the titans animation. At least that’s my experience.

That’s true, but:
You only can do one move while animation is running. That menas, you still have to wait before your second and third move (depends on your speed) until the animation is finished.

Nope, if you fire her and then say throw a three tile match at the Titan the Titan will wait for Margaret’s animation to finish before it does anything.

Ho mate, that team ! Khagan is almost your only damage dealer, raid must take so much time !

Not really, with color stacking, it is faster than you would think. And QoH is also a damage dealer. But my major damage dealers are the board gems.

I have her and her special don’t work most of the time

I have her at 3/70 as part of a green stack (melendor, Margaret, Hansel, ranvir and Wilbur in that order). In offense raids that team stays alive against much stronger teams all the time.

She’s also a LOT of fun, when you see poseidon’s Trident going for melendor it’s like rolling dice or playing the roulette, mini adrenaline rush lol

Yeah she’s heavily underrated on these forums. I use my 4.80 Marg a lot on offense and I dodge most sniper attacks because of her.

She isn’t great on defense and I think some people let that tarnish their view of her. But for offensive raids? She’s a LOT better than you’d think if you just read this thread. She’s basically like a healer but instead of healing the dmg she just prevents it completely.

Is she amazing? Nope. But she’s also not worthless or useless as some here have incorrectly said.


I think people’s opinions come from fighting AGAINST her instead of offensive use. She is horrendous on defense. Really, she may in fact be the worst 5* hero on defense. On titans and offense she is pretty good.


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