Margaret fixed dodge ability

Initially, May 1- Margaret gave a full 4/80 pumping good deviations from oneshoters like Kageburado and others. 20 days after the release of the update - for some reason, the ability to evade to the level of 30% was fixed, although it is written that the greater the damage, the greater the likelihood of deviation! I was very upset by this hero. Please explain why you did this?

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I couldn’t understand your question good, but if you are asking why Kageburado skill didn’t get dodges is because he dispels the buffs before hitting his target


yeah kage debuffs first and hits then,
and the one time he hits magret (even tough she is debuff resistent) is just
the rng of the remaining percent and so called bad luck

Her Dodge working so rare ,I’m getting frustrated of her especially she’s the 2nd 5* after kadlin.
I got her as the the only 5* after twice summon (2x10)
Her skill " moderate amount of Mana for the target shouldn’t be related to “if dodge” .
Something must change in her
Honestly comparing with previous HOTM she’s the worst
All they work on specific skills ,but she’s working “probably or possibly” it’s the circle of gambling like Wu skills

Can you advise if she deserves to get 4 80 ?

i guess you shouldnt bring her to 4/80 cause you won’t be happy with her, when you alrady dislike her so much… maybe the tonics would feel wasted for you…

i personally think she isnt bad, but if she is worth depends on your playstyle and your other options… i personally have some other greens to work on, so she currently sits on my bench and will maybe never get the tonics…

but there a lot other players here who have a lot more experience with her…
they can help you surly better than me, but if you dont think you gonna be happy with her at 4/80 dont spend the tonics… you will regret it when another green 5 come arround and you cant level him/her…

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