Margaret dodging but not firing in war battles

The title of topic says it all is anyone else experiencing this

Margaret is Rogue Class.

If she was emblemed she has a chance to dodge incoming direct damage from Special Skills.

Margaret is supposed to fire her special for 150% damage but she didn’t hit Rigard her dodge was working but her attack didn’t

Can you explain in a little more detail exactly what is happneing?

Video or screenshots would help.

Or in lieu of that, a step by step chronological set out of the events.

FYI: Marg only hits the target and nearby enemies. Maybe that was also overlooked. Otherwise, the requested info by @Guvnor would help. :+1:


Margaret and Rigard were the last 2 in the fight when I noticed she wasn’t doing any damage to him

The battle is over I won’t be able to use Margaret till the next war. I used her in raids and in the challenges and she fired for about 125 to 175 damage but no damage in war. I think I would have run out of time and lost anyway. I had her in mostly for tile strength

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