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Hi everyone. I don’t usually post but I have Margaret fully leveled up but without emblems at the moment with a possibility of going +20 with attack path for tile damage but would it possible to request a logical damage bullet point buff. On emblemed 5 star hero’s and generally rising TP going forward on a good special attack she does barely 3 opposite tiles worth damage. It’s really low and really disheartening for an amazing hero like her. I know she’s not liked but in the right hands she is peak performance and beyond amazing. I know she got buffed with that damage but I really feel it could be 200-230 or even 250%

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I have been using her since before she got buffed with the attack on my mono green attack. She already does very well currently at +11 for me.

Usually you just need a combo like:

Evelyn + Lianna + Kingston on 2 targets. Tank usually dead early on.

With emblemed heroes this combo does not kill most heroes but with a sliver of health left. Margaret does the job of finishing both targets.

It isn’t her skill damage that is good, it is her tile damage that can usually take down any blue tank in a 3/2 raid offense in 6 tiles. People often only look at specials and forget how important stats are.

I also often pair her with Evelyn so her special does more damage


What’s funny is that Captain Nemo has higher base stats in all 3 categories than Margaret. 842 base attack with higher defense and HP.

I have Ratatoskr, Atomos, & Margaret @3/70. Would you go with Margaret? I have an unbelievable roster already but I don’t have a hero like C. Kadilen or any 5* ninjas with a special to counter that super weak ninja that they call Cobalt.

Can he dodge like Margaret? Because Cobalt is out there.

Who needs dodge when you can just kill Cobalt KEKW

Margaret was one of my first green 5* heroes, back before her buff. She is very squishy and therefore horrible on defense. I have cKadilen at 3/70 and like to pair the two together as well in wars since their dodges stack. I also use Margaret in titan battles due to her high tile damage. It is very nice to dodge snipers, especially ones like cJoon and cSartana, but it is disappointing getting hit when the dodge fails. She is a decent hero and has different uses, but I would not say she is awesome. Compared to other green heroes I have now, I’d probably focus on her later, but I don’t regret having her and as you can see I thought her worth the emblems.


This is the team I use Margaret on attack as I am always using a full elemental team in all ep activities so the super move damage of 170% really doesn’t justify just sending 3 green tiles at a blue enemy for double the damage. I could go the attack route with her for sure but I’ll just get tile damage and perhaps make her special attack % damage even weaker that’s why I figured I would suggest a 200-250% damage on her special to justify herimage

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