Margaret classified with "B" (in the 7 Days Hero Grading Guide) (Title Updated 06.02.2020)

Don’t use Margaret for defense unless you have the right tank for her to flank.

Kingston is great either way.

Please advise. I have Evelyn and Kaliden maxed. I have Margaret, Liana and a second Evelyn all at 3/70. I now have the mats to ascend one of them. Who would you pick? Only other nature’s are 4*, 2 maxed (Cal & Hansel). Thanks.

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Liana. 20 ch…

Definitely Lianna. When she is maxed, start Melendor if you have him. Way more useful than Margaret even though he’s a 4* :roll_eyes:

I have Marge at 4/80 as well and hardly ever use her. Hänsel and Melendor (both emblemed in my case) are so much better.

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Definitely Lianna and don’t look back

@AirHawk which tanks would you recommend with Margaret as flank, and why? i’m genuinely curious, I’ve experimented with her flanking Li Xiu and Kiril and Boldtusk. Jack O’Hare holds me more cups as my defensive Green though (on wing). I wasn’t happy with results when Margaret flanked.

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Well I do have some form of roster depth.

I used Ares as tank flanked by Margaret and Evelyn. Wings were Zim and Lianna.

To use Marge effectively as flank, you need a tough tank and not a fast sniper tank. Also, once you have her and tank going, what do you want to do next. Probably a sniper or a buffer as the other flank. The concept is for the tank to protect Margaret in order for her to protect the tank.

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Rainbow defense is not necessarily the best form of defense if the synchronization between the heroes are poor.

thanks! and the Green flanks punish those who stack Blue against the Red tank too…

I wonder if a Marge - BT - Gadeirus core would work well… maybe Lepus as the other wing beside Marge, the defense reduction from Lepus’ skill will make Marge’s dodge more likely to work too…

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Actually a good idea. This will probably hold you solid in platinum.

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thanks, I think I will try it out and see how it works! appreciate your advice!

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Thanks for the input. I really don’t like Liana so I think I will save mats for Feb (?) HOTM. I have many snipers and she is sooooo boring. Being an impatient so-and-so I wonder if I can wait. Sigh. So wish I had received Kingston …

I maxed Margaret when I got her all those months ago.
I never had great luck pulling green 5s and at the time Yunan was my only max green 5. I had a 3.70 Kadilen and a 3.70 Elkanen who were great for farming 8.7 but not much else. I’d a 1.1 Horghall and more Elves who’re waiting to go back to school (hero academy).
So I maxed her and stuck her in the blue titan team. You’d get the odd dodge but mostly not. I guess the tile damage helped. But I didn’t use her on anything else.
I stack 3-2 when raiding and as my green 5s were weak I always re-rolled against blue tanks so I never used her. I also never used her on map levels.
In the last 6 weeks I’ve gotten Lianna and Kingston so now I do use green 5
’s when raiding. She’s still only really useful against sniper teams with a blue tank (for me). If I’m stacking two green against a blue flank I’m more likely to go with Lianna and Kingston.
Overall she is very niche and with tonics being so rare maybe I should have not used them on her.
But I do have a relatively deep bench of 5s for raiding (26 maxed now) and I’ve 45 maxed 4s to round out my roster for everything else. I also still have 6 tonics and still only the elves to use them on (which I wont). So I’m one of the players that Margaret wasn’t such a terrible idea to max but for players with a lesser roster even maxing a Kadilen would be a better decision.
Margaret is one of the weakest HOTM’s that I’ve seen. I also maxed Anzogh and I use him a lot more than Margaret. I think a C is about fair.


If you play her next to Aegir, his special makes her dodge less likely, since it reduces the damage.


Then you have forgotten her usage and so is the tank. If you use Aegir tank with her flank. If both are able to fire, the goal is to stall time for the rest.

I don’t even need her special to be able to dodge even once. I just need them to protect and stall time for the team and not for her to dodge at all. Attackers will or may not risk firing their special at all.

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I agree. And here’s what I propose be done:

1st: change her dodge to 40% to 90% instead of 20% to 90%.

2nd: Give her minions…

Oh, I know, you’ve heard it all before. But hear me out…hearye, hearye to my wonderful brainstorm…:wink:

Shadow minions! (Also said before, but there’s more!)…

These shadow minions would be placed NOT on allies but on the ENEMIES (3 enemies or all?)!!! They would get -5% def, -10% atk and -15% mana reduction for 4 turns. AND…they can’t be dispelled. :sunglasses::smile:

Too much you say? :thinking: I’d like to hear your suggestions.

Oh, and let’s add one more thing in a different category. Margaret is only our second grandma in the game (the 1st being Mother North). It’s too bad to make her a weakling when there are so many strong grandmas in the world. I’d like to see her as a strong competent hero.

I hope the devs and SGs are listening/reading too.

@Scarecrow @AirHawk @Kerridoc @Garanwyn

hope I did that right


I don’t really mind since she is a staple in my mono green.

Making her better only makes my team better. :wink:

BTW, Kerridoc has retired and Garanwyn has stopped for the moment.

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Oh, thank you. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Margaret really need some love.
By now, we need some heroes having a new refresh on skills.

I guess who need it the most are Perseus, Natalya and Margaret.


Agree. As for the event heroes, Owl should have been rethought long time ago, because let’s be honest, he’s completely useless. His mana speed doesn’t make any sense, nor his stats. His special makes him one of the most lethal wings, but his stats are designed for being a tank. How absurd is this? For one, I don’t have any of these heroes and I shouldn’t care. But when I see such… (I won’t use the word I have in mind).

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