ℹ Margaret – 5* Nature/Green HOTM


Rarity Element Class
Mana Speed Attack Defense Health
Very Fast
Origin Family
Hero of the Month Hero of the Month
:no_entry_sign: Resists: The hero has an innate ability to resist dispels of buffs.
:dizzy: Special Skill: Hide in the Shadows
  • The caster and nearby allies have from +20% to 90% chance of dodging special attacks that do damage. The higher the damage from the special is, the higher the chance to dodge it. Each dodge gives a moderate amount of mana to the target. The effect lasts for 3 turns.
  • Element Link gives all Nature allies +46% defense against Fire for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.
All-In-One Reference, courtesy of @Lumi
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:money_with_wings: Avoiding Overspending & Heartache :broken_heart:
Or: How many summons are needed to get a Featured Atlantis Hero?

It’s important to remember that Atlantis Featured Heroes have extremely low summoning odds. No amount of summoning will guarantee a Featured Hero.

On average, in a 10-pull, you have a 3.2% chance of summoning a particular Featured Hero.

But that statistic can lead our minds astray in exactly how our odds play out as we continue summoning.

Some useful insights:

  • 28 times out of 100, you’ll get a specific Featured Hero by pull 100
  • 95 times out of 100, you’ll get a specific Featured Hero by pull 920
  • 99 times out of 100, you’ll get a specific Featured Hero by pull 1410

Putting that in Perspective

  • 72 out of every 100 people won’t get a specific Featured Hero by the 100th pull

  • If 1 Million players each summoned 100 times, 720,000 of those players wouldn’t get the specific Featured Hero

  • 5 out of every 100 people won’t get the specific Featured Hero by the 920th pull

  • If 1 Million players each summoned 920 times, 50,000 of those players wouldn’t get the specific Featured Hero

More Insights & Reading

I highly recommend reading these two threads for more information and context on summoning odds:

If you’ve read them a million times before, you may consider reading them again before deciding on your budget for summoning. A little time spent deciding on how much money you want to risk on summoning goes a long way to avoiding disappointment, frustration, and regret later. :slight_smile:

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Feedback Poll - Margaret (post release)

Is Margaret worth Summoning For?

NOTE, you can currently only get Anzogh from the Atlantis Summons Portal when he is the featured returning Hero of the Month (HOTM)

  • Yes, absolutely
  • Only if you’re P2P
  • Only if you’re summoning for someone else
  • Not really
  • Not at all

0 voters

How many copies of Margaret would be useful to keep & Level?

Note - this is roster space dependent & isn’t the same for everyone!

  • zero
  • Just one
  • 2
  • 3
  • All of them

0 voters

What do you think Margaret’s Primary Purpose is?

  • Tile Damager
  • Dodger/ Surviver
  • Mana Maker (from Dodge)

0 voters

What do you think of Margaret compared to other Heroes?

  • Over Powered (OP)
  • Little stronger than Most
  • On Par with Most
  • Little Weaker than Most
  • Completely Broken (Under Powered)

0 voters

How does Margaret’s Special Skill and Intended Purpose match her Base Stats?

Note this means her Class, Attack, Defence & HP Stat

  • Perfectly
  • Better than Most
  • On Par with Most
  • Worse than Most
  • Terribly

0 voters

Is Margaret worth giving Rogue Emblems to?

  • Yes absolutely
  • Depends on who else you got
  • Hmmmm, not sure yet
  • No, I don’t think so
  • No… Not at all.

0 voters

In Defence, where do you think Margaret is best used?

  • Left Wing
  • Left Flank
  • Tank
  • Right Flank
  • Right Wing
  • Not on defence at all.

0 voters

How do you think Margaret is best used?

  • PvP Raids/ War attack
  • Normal Defence
  • War Defence
  • Titans
  • Farming
  • Tournaments
  • Event Teams

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I got 2 Margarets last summer. She is the reason I’m not going to do a single 10 pull this Atlantis, she is waste of space and I don’t want any more copies of her in my roster.

SG, she is the worst. I took one copy to 3/70 and while I tried to use her in many different scenarios she always let me down. Even if green is my lousiest titan colour, she ain’t going to see a single titan. She is not reliable, not funny and not usable.


She is terrible. Not only the worst 5* hero but the worst hero of the game


I’m not gonna do a single pull too, because of her…lol


I got her went she was initially released off of 1 EHT and she was my first ever 5star hero so I’m not complaining but I’ve only taken her to 2.60. She has saved my ■■■ on a bunch of raids when I was attacking teams with much higher total power (ex: my team was ~3200 and enemy was ~3800-4000). It’s kind of satisfying watching enemy joon and sartana’s specials get dodged but thats about it lol. I will probably leave her at 2.60.

As a fully f2p player, I’m a bit conflicted whether to even do pulls this Atlantis b/c she is featured but I want to increase my chances at Malosi. Or I could save up my Atlantis coins and try my chances at May’s purple gravemaker. At most this month, I can probably do like only 2-3 Atlantis summons, 3-4 costume summons, 2 season 3 summons, and 2-3 EHT summons…realistically, I probably wont even get Malosi but one can hope especially after I got Margaret and Telluria both off EHT’s.

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I’ve registered on the forum specifically to answer this.
Margaret was my first 5*. I was so excited until I realised how poor she is compared to virtually every 5* I can think of, especially as a HOTM! Thankfully I earned more 5* that can be used. Until today I was trolled by SG out of all the HOTM I’ve ended up with her again for goodness sake. It costs a lot of money to do these pulls and to be given another copy of this broken card that’s used in less than 1% of teams is taking the mick. She is in desperate desperate need of reworking and buffing. Please.


In fact look at the poll results that couldn’t be any more evident on just how poor she is currently!

LOL another one! She just takes up roster space

Same as @Aunty 2 margaret 3/70… its terrible, it has no value.

perhaps the staff should consider the possibility of fixing it.

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Magareth is really not good at all. But better than atomos

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Maybe I can exchange her in the hero academy or something. They seem to be reworking the string cards, bringing out new ones without sorting out the old ones. Look at the state of margaret, Khagan, wolf, horghall, Thorne etc

How do you think Margaret is best used?

I was looking for an option “As a feeder” but I couldn’t find it… would get most of the votes…


When attacking with Margaret, after you fire her special, it feels like it’s almost more beneficial to send tiles towards the enemies so they charge their special faster (if its an offensive special, especially snipers) than to ghost tiles. At least Margaret and adjacent heroes have a chance of surviving by dodging specials than taking the normal AI strikes

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I have one of Margaret… I leveled her to 3-70, but I don’t expect she’ll ever get ascended, I know just about any other Green 5* will be better to use than she is in her current form.

I was hesitant to do any pulls on this Atlantis portal because, like you, I also didn’t want another of her. A friend of mine did some pulls and got Tarlak, which made me jealous, so I did end up doing a 10-pull and I was glad to NOT get Margaret. (I lucked out and got someone else… someone better.)

On my roster, Margaret’s current competition for final ascension mats is Elkanen and Horghall, and I have no plans to ascend anyone. Hopefully a better Green comes along someday. It’s OK, I only have 3 tonics right now, and my maxed Green 5* are good ones: Lianna, Hatter, and Telluria - a formidable 3-stack. :smiley:

Good gaming!

I think she is the worst- just cannot stand her and i have 2 on my roster - and i fed at least one away - in a word Awful

With high tile damage she is great for titans and green stacks. Brittle but effective in those cases provided she doesn’t get eliminated too quickly. Tarlak has similar stats.

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I got her in initial release. I have not, nor do I think I will be bringing her to final ascension. Those Tonics will be better placed elsewhere. I honestly haven’t used her much since I got her, I have her sitting at 3/56.

Yup, but would you use your 6 tonics on her? Be honest :)) if you did wouldn’t you like them back.? Smart and patient players will wait for a better green 5* to show up. She and Atomos are in need of rethinking…


No I wouldn’t lol, at least under my current team circumstances. But, I have many better greens to choose from on my roster. If my choices were less that could change though depending on patience as you well pointed out.


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